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10500Re: James Churchward and "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold"

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  • bigalemc2
    Dec 3, 2007
      Mike -

      It was not my intent to trash people of "your" religion.

      What I WAS doing was pointing out that the people who went out to find
      the literal truth of the Bible found out it wasn't true, then came
      back and hid what they found from those who could use it to make up
      their minds for themselves - but only if they had the straight dope.

      Since it IS a fact that they found these things out and that thhe
      religion is, in fact, based on a history that almost all Christians
      are completely unware of, my use of the word "cult" applies to it, but
      it is not meant to denigrate the members of the church, just those who
      spread it. If that includes you specifically - i.e., if you are
      knowingly passing on false information to those who might otherwise
      decide - then shame on you, along with all those archeologists. But I
      don't think it does apply to you.

      Personally, I have been happy to discover what the real story is about
      Christianity. Just like the Columbus lie, the Clovis-first,
      head-in-the-sand attitude of American history, which you all of us
      have long disagreed with, and which has proven to be wrong, and that
      everyone here is battling to discover the truth about, Christianity
      can use the same kind of light shown on it. If a lay person was
      offended by facts about pre-Clovis Americans before Clovis was shot
      down, you would think the person was in denial or worshiping the
      status quo a little too much. Just so, I am only pointing out what I
      have found and standing up for my friend Acharya S in the process. I
      had not intent to offend, but ask that you not take offense. Facts as
      I found them argue that Christianity needs to go the way of Clovis First.

      . . . . Steve
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