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  • Charles Mattox
    Sep 10, 2007
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      Excellent observations.
      That theory has always bothered be too. We could be
      looking at a much different cause than the old craddle
      board theory.
      I just wanted to throw out what had been previous
      explanations to better understand the history of the
      problem and the fact that it was observed-with some
      regularity-in the Ohio River Valley.
      Do you have any theories or historic analysis of the
      elongated skulls?
      Good to hear from you and hope you are well.
      I wasn't a big fan of Josh's either but I got used to
      him after a while-He doid cover some pretty
      interesting material. I'll have my fingers crossed
      that the new guy ups his game.

      --- bigalemc2 <sgtti@...> wrote:

      > Charles -
      > Yeah, the new guy seemed pretty green around the
      > gills. I didn't stick
      > around long.
      > I wasn't a huge fan of Josh's, either, though. Just
      > my taste, probably.
      > .. .. .. Webb's idea makes no sense: What woman
      > would strap their infant
      > so tightly? And it doesn't consider that the
      > baby''s neck gets strong
      > enough long before any set could happen to the
      > skull.
      > And people who think cradle boarding can account for
      > the INCREASED size
      > of the cranial cavity doesn't know that squeezing
      > one diameter of a
      > spherical object doesn't increase the interior
      > volume, but DEcreases it.
      > So, the dolicocephalic skulls - with volumes up to
      > 2500cc and even
      > larger (vs 1350cc for a present day cranium) - are
      > evidence that
      > something ELSE was going on. Not only that, but the
      > SMALLER
      > circumference of them is very close to the same
      > circumference as
      > 'normal' human skulls. So, why isn't that
      > circumference smaller?
      > . . . Steve Garcia

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