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  • Charles Mattox
    Sep 4, 2007
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      Hope you have been well.
      I liked Digging for the Truth since I first saw it.
      what happened to Josh?
      I saw the show on the Chachapoyas-seemed like a rehash
      of earlier shows with the exception that the new host
      was lost with a repelling rope and seemed to be a
      "pretty boy" who had never been in the country a day
      in his life.
      I'll tune him out next episode if he comes across like
      a lost city boy staggering in the woods.
      Skull deformation practices might be linked to Adena
      practices of similar nature that occurred in the Ohio
      River Valley.
      Just a thought.
      --- mike white <infoplz@...> wrote:

      > i noted a strong similarity between the cliff
      > structures of the
      > Chachapoyas, and those in our southwest. even the
      > petroglyphs were of the same type. its good to
      > stress that very little is known of either culture.
      > it seems that the Chachapoyas were still living
      > in that area when the spanish arrived, otherwise why
      > would they call them fierce warriors, instead of the
      > name given them by the inca. plus the carbon dating
      > of bones came near 1500 ce. they lived in the
      > clouds for at least 1000 years, say our scientists,
      > and probably much longer.
      > the skulls looked somewhat dolichocephalic.
      > conflicting reports come down to us, i recall some
      > saying they were of the white race, but im inclined
      > so far to think they are indigenous to the americas,
      > and more likely of the red race.
      > it seemed to have been a fairly advanced culture.
      > they showed a skull that was trepanated, proof of
      > brain surgery.
      > the area they controlled was very desirable, with
      > profitable trade routes to the amazon thru it.
      > lets hope they find a site that escaped plunder
      > by the inca, and the modern looters. there may be
      > something of interest waiting to be found.
      > Kind regards,
      > Mike White
      > http://all-ez.com/yahoo-groups.htm

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