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Re: [PrairieThunderPyrotechnics] Doing a club show for the PGI

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  • Dan Muzzey
    I am up for doing Mason City and Fargo.  Probably large shows.  In order to do unlimited I think we would need a sponsor.  Our pro am entry in saint louis
    Message 1 of 11 , May 6, 2013

      I am up for doing Mason City and Fargo. Probably large shows. In order to do unlimited I think we would need a sponsor.

      Our pro am entry in saint louis took four guys roughly sixteen hours to put together. I think we could realistically reach that level. We used everything from full cakes to broken down cakes to single tubes harvested from cakes.

      In something like this most of the work is down at the desk. Scripting the show before even leaving the house. Tye spent roughly 100 hours on the show. Ed Vasel says he spends about double that when scripting a domixnator show. Finale (not sure on the spelling) works great for this. Whoever scripts the show should use this. It also helps in the field in that everything is clearly called out.

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      That is actually a good idea to get a practice show.  We would have to see if we could get a ton of support down there too so we could use that show as a practice show. 

      On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Brent <brent@...> wrote:

      I will also participate as much as possible with any club activity, show, or whatever wherever, whenever.
      I recently changed jobs, and now will have weekends off, so it will be much easier for me to attend our functions.
      As far as a PGI class c competition goes, my thoughts are that it would depend on our ability to do it two years in a row.
      If we can, then Mason City would be a great warm up, where we can get our process down, and iron out any bugs in our process before doing it again in Fargo.
      If we can not swing two years in a row, then I think that Fargo would be the better way to go, since it might help Prairie thunder membership to grow.
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      I will be a part of any club display at PGI or otherwise with time and funds.  I have made the decision to not attend Butler, but will most likely go back to Mason city in 2014, and of course Fargo.

      Hans Miller

      Cell 701.205.5003


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      Sweet.  I would be really interested in doing this and I am even more than willing to donate product or money for product.  I just think it would be fun to get the chance to say you were part of a huge! display done by the club not to mention be part of a show that is shot in front of thousands of people.  I figured there had to be people in the club who have had experience with displays and stuff like this.  I am hoping to make it to a club meeting or even this year to get to meet more of you guys.  I know some people just from living in Horace and talking to fellow pyro's.

      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 1:00 PM, Dan Muzzey <muzzey314@...> wrote:


      B in Gillette we competed in the small contest.  It would be fun to compete again.  Fargo is scheduled for 2015 and Mason City for 2014.  I'd be open for either/both.  The last two years I've been helping Team Dominator at both the PGI and NFA.  I've learned much about getting a show in the field but haven't actually designed a show for several years now.  In Saint Louis this year Kevin and I did the Blind Pyro competion but had a rough go at it.  6 hours to design a show with unknown product is tough.  I also helped with Tye Hanke on the Pro Am competition down in Saint Louis.  http://www.stlshoot.com/pro-am-pyro/  This and the dominator shows have definately taken it to a new level.  On the pro am show we had 600 cues in roughly 6 minutes.

      I could probably arrainge for a star fire system and perhaps even some product from some vendors.


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      Sounds like fun!  I think they're schedule to come back to Fargo in 2015.


      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 12:00 PM, Cody Mammenga <cody.n.mammenga@...> wrote:


      Hey, I have not posted a ton in this group thing and have yet to be able to attend a club meeting due to a busy schedule.  I am hoping to this year.I just figured I would throw out an idea that I have had for a couple years even before I joined the club.  I was thinking that the club should and could enter the 1.4 competition display at the PGI when it comes to Fargo.  I know I saw that they had in the past so I figured I would bring it up and see if people would be interested.  I have not specifically looked when the PGI is back in Fargo but I figured I would bring it up now.  I also know there are the different 1.4 displays and not sure how many people wanted to get involved with it but I think it would be possible to even do the unlimited 1.4 competition.  I am not sure what everyone has for systems but I know a couple members in the club have the cobra systems, I personally am using a merlock which is fully digital 2 wire setup like the Starfire and is compatible with any merlin system.&nbs! p; I hav e 3 32 cue modules with plans to add some more next year.Well just figured I would throw the idea out there and see if there was interest.  I figured if 10 people got involved heavily depending on class we competed in but if everyone say put in $200 in fireworks which is not a ton of money invested we could easily do a heck of a show.  Or else there is always fundraising or a raffle or something like that to raise money for the display.

      Post up your opinions

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