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Re: [PrairieThunderPyrotechnics] Re: facebook

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  • Brent
    I also agree with most comments here. Facebook could be useful as a recruitment tool. Nothing more. From: bent_wrench Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 12:19
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      I also agree with most comments here.  Facebook could be useful as a recruitment tool.  Nothing more.
      Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 12:19 AM
      Subject: [PrairieThunderPyrotechnics] Re: facebook

      I hate Facebook with a passion, not as much as I hate Yahoo... anyway PTPG should have a facebook page and it could list group shoots (and the current satusof a panned shoot), have pictures and some info, and instructions on how to joint etc. It would NOT be a goood forum us use as members. I would think facebook would work very well as an advertising device, nothing more.

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      FACEBOOK! There is absoutely no secure way of using it. facebook is very dangerous and misrepresented as a harmless website. The proof of that is in a documentary called Catfish. If a mentally ill woman that takex care of two invalids can do that which she does in the movie. I FOR ONE WILL NEVER HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!
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      September 26, 2011 10:43:04 pm
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      [PrairieThunderPyrotechnics] RE: facebook
      > I would not be
      opposed to a facebook page but I would not like to rely on
      > facebook as
      our primary means of communication. The yahoo group is a more
      > secure
      vehicle for distributing information among those who are members. If
      > the
      security setting were set high enough, perhaps the case may be that only
      current members of prairie thunder would be able to see the content. It is
      > a double edged sword. Open it up so that anybody who makes a friend
      > sees all of the content or lock it down.
      > Tom, it is a good idea for deeper broadcast among our members
      and future
      > interested individuals, but I would propose to proceed with
      caution, and
      > further make sure that facebook is something that the
      membership wants. I
      > will put up a poll on the yahoo group with a simple
      yes or no option. If
      > the 1st roll into the deal says yes, we can then
      proceed with the what ifs
      > and what do we put on theres.
      > I am on facebook lightly. I am mainly there to
      monitor the activities of my
      > teenage children.

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