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MN laws

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  • Dan Muzzey
    Reposted from pyrouniverse: Hey guys, that time of the year again. a bill to legalize all consumer fireworks in MN has been introduced. HF452/S280. both houses
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2011
      Reposted from pyrouniverse:

      Hey guys,

      that time of the year again. a bill to legalize all consumer fireworks in MN has been introduced. HF452/S280. both houses are in the GOP control so that should help. i'll lyk when the first hearings are.

      as usual everyone NEEDS to write their reps on these bills. you gotta be heard.

      i have a website up. www.mnpyro.com it has a sample letter and a link to help find out who your reps are. letters are best, but an email can work if thats all you have time for. tell your friends....

      ok, time to send some emails and make some phone calls to the two committees these bills are sitting in to ask for a hearing and ask that the legislators support this bill. I realize there are a lot of emails to send to the legislators on the following 2 committees, BUT they NEED to hear from us!!! you might be the only people contacting them regarding fireworks, so they need to hear from you. You can spread the emails and phone calls over a couple days to make it easier. We need to ask the Senators to support SF280-Fireworks Bill and ask them to schedule a hearing and we need to ask the Representatives to support HF452-Fireworks Bill and ask them to schedule a hearing.

      SF280 is in the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and the following senators sit on this committee:

      Senator Warren Limmer: sen.warren.limmer@... 651.296.2159
      Senator Scott J. Newman: sen.scott.newman@... 651.296.4131
      Senator Ron Latz: sen.ron.latz@... 651.297.8065
      Senator Barb Goodwin: sen.barb.goodwin@... 651.296.4334
      Senator Dan D. Hall: sen.dan.hall@... 651.296.5975
      Senator John M. Harrington: sen.john.harrington@... 651.296.5285
      Senator Gretchen M. Hoffman: sen.gretchen.hoffman@... 651.296.5655
      Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen: sen.bill.ingebrigtsen@... 651.297.8063
      Senator Michael J. Jungbauer: sen.mike.jungbauer@... 651.296.3733
      Senator John Marty: sen.john.marty@... 651.296.5645
      Senator Julianne E. Ortman: sen.julianne.ortman@... 651.296.4837
      Senator Linda Scheid: sen.linda.scheid@... 651.296.8869
      Senator Dave Thompson: sen.dave.thompson@... 651.296.5252

      HF452 is in the House Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee and the following Representatives sit on this committee:

      Rep. Joe Hoppe: rep.joe.hoppe@... 651-296-5066
      Rep. Tim Sanders: rep.tim.sanders@... 651-296-4266
      Rep. Joe Atkins: rep.joe.atkins@... 651-296-4192
      Rep. Diane Anderson: rep.diane.anderson@... 651-296-3533
      Rep. Sarah Anderson: rep.sarah.anderson@... 651-296-5511
      Rep. Tom Anzelc: rep.tom.anzelc@... 651-296-4936
      Rep. Roger Crawford: rep.roger.crawford@... 651-296-0518
      Rep. Kurt Daudt: rep.kurt.daudt@... 651-296-5364
      Rep. Greg Davids: rep.greg.davids@... 651-296-9278
      Rep. Denise Dittrich: rep.denise.dittrich@... 651-296-5513
      Rep. Sheldon Johnson: rep.sheldon.johnson@... 651-296-4201
      Rep. Andrea Kieffer: rep.andrea.kieffer@... 651-296-1147
      Rep. Leon Lillie: rep.leon.lillie@... 651-296-1188
      Rep. Jenifer Loon: rep.jenifer.loon@... 651-296-7449
      Rep. Pat Mazorol: rep.pat.mazorol@... 651-296-7803
      Rep. Joe Mullery: rep.joe.mullery@... 651-296-4262
      Rep. Mark Murdock: rep.mark.murdock@... 651-296-4293
      Rep. Michael V. Nelson: rep.michael.nelson@... 651-296-3751
      Rep. Tim O'Driscoll: rep.tim.odriscoll@... 651-296-7808
      Rep. Linda Slocum: rep.linda.slocum@... 651-296-7158
      Rep. Kirk Stensrud: rep.kirk.stensrud@... 651-296-3964
      Rep. Tom Tillberry: rep.tom.tillberry@... 651-296-5510
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