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RE: [PrairieThunderPyrotechnics] Victory Fireworks Spring Demo

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  • Andrew Holcomb
    Hi Dan, Sorry for the late replay, I was out of town until early this morning. I m definitely interested if you ve got some extra space!! Would you happen to
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      Hi Dan,

      Sorry for the late replay, I was out of town until early this morning. I'm
      definitely interested if you've got some extra space!! Would you happen to
      have the pricelist handy? I see Victory took it down at some point.

      If they're available, I would be interested in a (1) case of Excals and (1)
      of Hydrogen Bomb for sure, and maybe a case of crazy exciting depending on
      the price. Do you remember the name of that awesome willow/blue cake that
      someone shot during our last get-together?


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      I'm heading up for the demo in a couple weeks. I may have room for a couple
      of cases if you are interested. I'm buying off the C list for the PU group
      buy. I may be able to get some big dog stuff as well. Victory has a
      special of Hydrogen Bomb for 45 a case if you want any of those.

      The next club shoot is tentatively scheduled for May 2nd ish.



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      Subject: RE: [PrairieThunderPyrotechnics] Victory Fireworks Spring Demo


      What's the date?


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      Subject: [PrairieThunderPyro technics] Victory Fireworks Spring Demo

      Victory Fireworks in Ellsworth WI has a spring demo every year. The
      demo is held at a bar outside of town and typically has 200 to 300
      people attending. It is a very family friendly event and a lot of
      fun. They typically demo about 100 items and light four of everything
      at once. They will probably be posting something on their website
      about it in the next month.

      Is anybody interested in heading up to the demo?


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