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7202014 show

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  • codynmammenga
    Jul 17, 2014

      Hey guys just wanted to share a couple videos of my 2014 show from this year.  Let me know any opinions or thoughts you guys have I love constructive criticism you learn best from your peers.

      The show was shot using 26-18M cobra modules, 1-18R2, and 1-Audio box.  The show was over 400 cues and over 500 igniters.  Consisted of 90% 1.4 10% 1.3 which was some 3" shells.   The show consisted of 7 firing positions that were 50ft apart for a total spread from far left to far right of 300ft.  The video was recorded from a distance of 450ft away.  The 1st link will be to a video recorded with a GOPRO Hero3+ silver edition, I overlaid the sound track on this one.  The 2nd link will be to a video recorded with an IPAD it is crazy to see the difference both cameras were at the same distance the only difference is the GOPRO was in wideangle mode.  Bear with the 1st couple seconds in the IPAD one my dad was recording it and trying to fix his other video camera so it is shaky but it gets better at the end.  The show consists of product from Matrix fireworks, Fireworks forever, Spirit of 76, and Victory Fireworks

      Set quality to 1080P for best viewing

      2014 fireworks show

      Set quality to best setting which is 720P I believe

       2014 pyro musical filmed with iPad


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