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683Re: [PrairieThunderPyrotechnics] Doing a club show for the PGI

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  • Cody Mammenga
    Apr 24, 2013
      Ok I figured it was not for a couple years.  I just wanted to throw out idea since it is always nice to have more time than not enough.

      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 12:53 PM, Jared Birk <pyrobirk@...> wrote:

      Sounds like fun!  I think they're schedule to come back to Fargo in 2015.

      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 12:00 PM, Cody Mammenga <cody.n.mammenga@...> wrote:

      Hey, I have not posted a ton in this group thing and have yet to be able to attend a club meeting due to a busy schedule.  I am hoping to this year.

      I just figured I would throw out an idea that I have had for a couple years even before I joined the club.  I was thinking that the club should and could enter the 1.4 competition display at the PGI when it comes to Fargo.  I know I saw that they had in the past so I figured I would bring it up and see if people would be interested.  I have not specifically looked when the PGI is back in Fargo but I figured I would bring it up now.  I also know there are the different 1.4 displays and not sure how many people wanted to get involved with it but I think it would be possible to even do the unlimited 1.4 competition.  I am not sure what everyone has for systems but I know a couple members in the club have the cobra systems, I personally am using a merlock which is fully digital 2 wire setup like the Starfire and is compatible with any merlin system.  I have 3 32 cue modules with plans to add some more next year.

      Well just figured I would throw the idea out there and see if there was interest.  I figured if 10 people got involved heavily depending on class we competed in but if everyone say put in $200 in fireworks which is not a ton of money invested we could easily do a heck of a show.  Or else there is always fundraising or a raffle or something like that to raise money for the display.

      Post up your opinions

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