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1611St. Charles Network 2014

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  • John Steffel
    Apr 9, 2014


      Thank you very much to those who have responded. In general would it be more appropriate

      for you to be invited to a weekday meeting, where you would be representing your various

      organizations, or would it be more convenient perhaps on a Sat. morning?  I know that my evening

      hours seem somewhat filled, and therefore precious as well.

        I plan to bring you to the building, give a brief tour, and then have a short, (1hr ),

      get aquainted, introductory and resource sharing meeting with those of you that have interest,

      and our local activists.

        My inclination is a Sat morning, May 3, 10 or 17th.   10 am. – 11:30 light lunch, sandwiches, juice, coffee.

      This same format would also be available on a weekday, so please advise if that is a your best option.

      Pease respond to your best available day(s), and I will schedule. If you cannot attend but have interest and/or resources,

      please send info with someone attending or respond by e-mail.

      I know that you are all very involved and I appreciate your interest on behalf of those in need in St. Charles and surrounding areas.

      My I-pad e-mail is; jesteffel@... or you may respond here.

      I will schedule for the most numbers that could attend.




      John Steffel

      Cultural Activist

      749 Church Ave.

      St Charles, Mn 55972



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