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Trip Report, Potomac River Paddle of July 2, 2011

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  • Bob Cianflone
    It was a fantastic day out on the People s River. We saw more paddlers on the water today than we did all year. It was sunny and warm, and the river looked
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2011
      It was a fantastic day out on the People's River. We saw more paddlers on the water today than we did all year. It was sunny and warm, and the river looked like a lake.

      There were also several anglers out, and they all enjoyed our taking photos of their catches. Large catfish and even larger muskies were the prime fish that were caught.

      Our posse started at Shepherdstown by the old Gauging Station, with our subjective objective of making a lunch break at Barron's Ice Cream Store at the halfway point. It was a very relaxing 8-mile trip on our lazy river. We passed by the hidden Killiansburg Cave, famous as a hiding place for citizens during the Civil War, and, of course, for the moonshiners in another epoch. The foliage has now covered all the houses along the way, and we could barely see the golf course. We carefully paddled by Old Man Morgan's place by Chimney Ridge, and we saw a ferocious 32-ounce watch dog guarding the place that was wearing a red security guard jacket.

      At Snyder's Landing, we made our obligatory stop at Barron's Store, four miles upstream, to see our good friends, John and Renay. And, yes, also Moses the wonder dog, a professional nontriever. There we always learn about things that you don't read about in books.

      The store is a proud sponsor of the "Rural Family of the Week" contest. Today's award was won by a group of teenagers on a large raft traveling with no gear and who did not know what river they were on and who wanted to know where Harper's Ferry was. We got a picture of this confederacy of dunces, that can be used to identify them downstream. At mid-afternoon, we returned to the Shepherdstown boat ramp.

      It was a stupendous day, shared with a great group of people, on the People's River, a river that was here before us and will be here after us.

      The photos have been posted in a photo album entitled "7-2-2011" in the Photos section of our web site at:
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