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Category Explanation Re: thank you for your help

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  • jazzy2may
    Thank you that was very helpful, I am now better aware of the terms your response was very informative. I really appreciated. Thank you very much. jazzy
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 1, 2011
      Thank you that was very helpful, I am now better aware of the terms your response was very informative. I really appreciated.

      Thank you very much.


      --- In PotionsandSnitches@yahoogroups.com, "jan_aq3" <jan_aq3@...> wrote:
      > Wow they didn't keep my spaces. Resending with spaces because I don't
      > think it's readable otherwise. :(
      > Hi Jazzy,
      > As the founder of Potions and Snitches perhaps I can try. :)
      > First of all, we do have a couple of places on the Potions and Snitches
      > archive that explain the categories.
      > This is the list of categories on the
      > archive:http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/browse.php?type=cat\
      > egories
      > <http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/browse.php?type=categories\
      > >
      > This is the categories explanation area from the Submission
      > Rules:http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/viewpage.php?page=rul\
      > esall#categories
      > <http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/viewpage.php?page=rulesall\
      > #categories>
      > In brief, a Severitus is a story that answers a special challenge. The
      > challenge is named after an author.
      > A Sevitus is a story where Snape is Harry's biological father. On
      > fanfiction.net and other places it is okay if adopted father stories are
      > also labeled as Sevitus. On the P&S archive, however, we use the Sevitus
      > category for biological father stories, and the Father or Guardian
      > categories for adoption (with Father being a closer relationship than
      > Guardian - it depends on what Harry thinks). The Sevitus term also
      > includes almost-Severitus stories that don't completely follow the
      > challenge.
      > I am not sure about the other two terms you listed, they could be either
      > author names or spelling mistakes.
      > When Harry is adopted by Snape it is called an adoption fic. Generally
      > on P&S we put these under either the Guardian or Father categories and
      > apply the Adoption warning. In summaries you can call it a "Snape is
      > Harry's guardian fic" or "Guardian fic."
      > For a story in which Snape mentors Harry we call it a mentor fic and put
      > it under the Mentor category. You can also call it a "Snape and Harry
      > mentoring fic" or "Snape mentors Harry." A mentor fic in general is
      > where a character teaches another character, but they also become close
      > like friends or relatives.
      > A Teacher fic on P&S is where Snape teaches Harry, but they do not
      > really become close. It is more of the actual canon relationship (like
      > in the books).
      > If a story is told from Snape's point of view we summarize it as
      > "Snape's point of view" or "Snape's POV." On P&S we put those stories in
      > the Snape Centric category, and whatever other category it fits under.
      > If you want a bit of a history lesson...
      > Years ago (around the year 2000), Snape and Harry stories were new and
      > no one had a name for them. The concept was exciting, and the few
      > well-written stories rose in popularity.
      > Severitus was an author who started such stories and loved to read them.
      > Around 2001 he published what is known as "The Severitus Challenge." It
      > was a challenge to write a story that followed certain rules, most
      > notedly that Severus Snape be revealed to be Harry's father, Remus Lupin
      > come to teach at Hogwarts, and Harry have his physical appearance change
      > gradually. There were several scenes or conversations given at the end
      > of the challenge to be used in such a story. Every story written in
      > response must list itself as a Severitus Challenge story. All the rules
      > are here: http://www.severitus.net/thechallenge.htm
      > <http://www.severitus.net/thechallenge.htm>
      > Several authors started responses to the challenge. The fandom was
      > moderately sized back then (small in comparison to today) so any
      > response that was written somewhat well was easily discovered. Each
      > story spread the Challenge along to new authors, and the genre grew.
      > Eventually the meaning of the Severitus Challenge was lost, people
      > started to write stories without knowing all the rules and called them
      > Severitus Challenge stories, or Severitus stories. Unfortunately, some
      > thought that a Severitus story was simply a story where Snape is Harry's
      > father or they have a non-slash relationship. This is not true. A
      > Severitus story should answer the challenge, otherwise it is not a
      > Severitus story.
      > I suppose the name of the challenge itself made it easy to spread
      > unknowingly. Severitus is close to the name Severus, and -itus almost
      > seems like a contagious phenomenon or disease, like -itis. Imagine
      > though that I wrote a challenge called The Jan_AQ Challenge and authors
      > wrote their summaries as "a Jan_AQ story" because they sort of followed
      > a rule from the challenge. Doesn't quite work.
      > The widespread use of the term caused some confusion. I came up with the
      > term "Sevitus" as an alternate name for all the stories that were not
      > Severitus stories for my old Snape and Harry Fanfiction guide. The term
      > was created before this yahoo group was made (maybe 2003 or 2004). :) It
      > came from part of the name Severitus to show that its stories were
      > similar to Severitus stories (and probably existed because of them), but
      > did not follow all of the Severitus challenge rules. I asked the author
      > Severitus if he minded the new term, and he said that he was honored by
      > it, and was overwhelmed and surprised by all the attention his challenge
      > got. :) The term was added to all the P&S groups, like the
      > Fanfiction.net C2 Group Community and fanfiction archive. Thus Sevitus
      > stories were born.
      > I hope that this clears up any confusion. Just ask if you have any more
      > questions!
      > chocolate frogs,
      > Jan
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      > >
      > > with the Severus definitions questions. I not totally enlightend
      > on the matter but I am better aware of Severitis Author. Thank you.
      > >
      > > Anyone else care to chime in on the Severus/Sevitus definitions
      > questions?_
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