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Weekend update for November 7th

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    Weekend update for November 7th Put Together By Scorpia ... Random Challenge ... Bad Luck Curse by Jan_AQ Challenge Summary: Staying with the Dursley s not
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      Weekend update for November 7th
      Put Together By Scorpia

      ------------ -
      Random Challenge

      Bad Luck Curse
      by Jan_AQ
      Challenge Summary: Staying with the Dursley's not only gave Harry protection from Dark Lords and evil Death Eaters, it also protected him from a Bad Luck curse. When Harry isn't able to renew the protection at his Aunt's one year, everything starts to fall apart. Little things and bad things start going wrong, and Harry is at a loss of how to cope. Simple things as walking down the stairs can now be life threatening. How can Harry and his protectors deal with a string of bad luck as strong as a curse? This is sure to test Snape's resolve, and vow to safeguard Harry Potter.

      The Bad luck curse may be a genetic inheritance, or something that Harry got on his own. In any case, Snape must be there to help him.

      The idea of a Bad luck curse can be used independently of the challenge.

      Respond to challenge here: http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/modules/challenges/challenges.php?chalid=272

      ------------ -
      New Stories

      Bloody Mary
      by Nightshade
      Authors Summary: What happens when Selene and her friends say "Bloody Mary" three times?
      Rated 16+

      ------------ -
      New Chapters
      ------------ -

      by Ivy-Green
      Authors Summary: Harry Potter's in an accident, and guess who has to look after him?
      Rated K+

      Happy Birthday, Alastor
      by grugster
      Authors Summary: Sequel to "A Better Childhood". Harry and Severus try to find out what to give Alastor for his birthday. When the big party takes place, many unexpected things happened.
      Rated 16+

      Never Say Remember
      by Malora
      Authors Summary: "He was slipping, as easily as water over rocks..." Thirteen-year-old Harry enters an alternate universe that is both his dream come true and his worst nightmare. He's traded souls, and another boy--another Harry--is living his life. Two lives have now become intertwined with the lives of two Potions masters. The Potions masters are most displeased.
      Rated T

      My Enemy's Enemy
      by halfblood
      Authors Summary: Post OoTP. Alternate Timeline. Harry's had a wretched summer. To top it off, Dumbledore insists he continue studies in Occlumency with the dreaded Severus Snape. Will he and Snape learn to get along?
      Rated 16+

      Blame It On Dumbledore
      by Ramelia
      Authors Summary: At the beginning of summer after the Second Year, the Dursleys "forget" to pick up Harry from King's Cross. Against his own will, the boy is thrown in with Snape for a short spell of time. Everybody minds the arrangement except for a wizened old wizard. Is Dumbledore indulging in wishful thinking or is he really the greatest mind of them all?
      Rated T

      by Winger-Hawk
      Authors Summary: Snape wakes up from a coma to a new world in which Voldemort is dead and gone, vanquished by Harry Potter. Deciding he has nothing more to live for, he tries to end his life, only to end up doing the exact opposite. Harry gets pulled in by Dumbledore to assist with Snape's...little dilemma.
      Rated K+

      Mindful Eyes
      by Jade_Sullivan
      Authors Summary: Sequel to Emerald Eyes; AU--The summer before 3rd year brings new obstacles for Harry and Snape, especially when the Potions master realizes he isn't the only one minding the Boy Who Lived.
      Rated K+

      More Than Meets the Eye
      by Baghi
      Authors Summary: Harry comes to school missing one eye, and pratically mute. He is sorted into Slytherin. Severus Snape dislikes all things Potter. Can he get over his hatred to see the truth?
      Rated T

      The Final Breeze
      by grugster
      Authors Summary: Harry cannot forget Sirius' death and feels guilty. When all the pain becomes too much, he decides to end his life. Will someone be able to stop him? Warning: explicit description of self harm, suicide attempt in ch.1
      Rated 16+

      Sticks, Stones, and Ice Cream Cones
      by shigeki11
      Authors Summary: Locked in a cupboard, Harry schemes to escape, not knowing the Dursleys are more than happy to be rid of him.When something goes horribly wrong, who will be there to rescue him? Is he the right person?
      Rated K+

      Where Once Was Light
      by Ivy-Green
      Authors Summary: Severus is found out as a spy among the Death Eaters and runs for his life. Along the way, he makes some shocking discoveries about Harry Potter.
      Rated 16+

      by wellyuthink
      Authors Summary: The time has come to go back to Hogwarts, but is Harry ready? Struggling to deal with the loss of Shadow, the alarming discovery of his paternity and the problems created by a newly risen Voldemort, the coming term proves to be the most difficult one that Harry has ever faced. Sequel to 'Know Thyself'
      Rated T

      Frater Gemini
      by RaeKelly
      Authors Summary: One night a desperate wizard stole a baby . . .12 years later Snape discovers the truth--Harry Potter has a twin--the last person he ever expected. Can they learn to become brothers with help from Severus?
      Rated K+

      by JAWorley
      Authors Summary: Harry Potter starts Hogwarts with high hopes of finding himself a real family, and holds tightly to this hope despite the torture his new Potion's Master seems intent on putting him through. Can Harry's hope hold out long enough to see his dream through?
      Rated T

      Two Hawks Hunting
      by Snapegirl
      Author Summary: Sequel to Broken Wings! Harry & Severus quest for the remaining Horcruxes. Can they fulfill the prophecy of Two Hawks Hunting and destroy Voldemort forever? AU, pre-HBP, HBP/DH noncompliant! No slash, mentor/guardian fic!
      Rated T

      Brothers, Fathers, and Professors
      by DaughterOfAres
      Authors Summary: Sequel to Brothers and Fathers. Tobias, Severus, and Harry are at Hogwarts and school is in session. But nothing can ever be easy for the Snape family.
      Rated K

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