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Weekend update for April 4th

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    Weekend update for April 4th Put Together By Scorpia ... Random Challenge ... Werewolf Challenge By Tia Evans Challenge Summary: Summary: Snape is Harry s
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      Weekend update for April 4th
      Put Together By Scorpia

      ------------ -----
      Random Challenge
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      Werewolf Challenge
      By Tia Evans
      Challenge Summary: Summary: Snape is Harry's father, but shortly after finding it out, Harry is bitten by Remus Lupin and is turned into a werewolf.

      Respond to challenge here: http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/modules/challenges/challenges.php?chalid=34

      ------------ -
      New Stories

      Legacy Spoof
      By ObsidianEmbrace
      Authors Summary: Parody of LC: Legacy. Read at your own risk.
      Rated 16+

      Understand Me
      By RavenclawsLion
      Authors Summary: Severus survived the war, but something is wrong. Harry is asked to rectify it, but what happens when he can't?
      Rated T

      Lily's Charm: Legacy
      By ObsidianEmbrace
      Authors Summary: Third in the Lily's Charm series. As he makes the choices that define his life, new friendships are forged, some relationships are inevitably left behind, and Harry learns exactly what it means to be Severus' son.
      Rated 16+

      ------------ -
      New Chapters
      ------------ -

      Slave Child
      by Kristeh
      Authors Note: A duel with Draco leads to drastic and permanent consequences for both Harry and Severus.
      Rated T

      Harry's New Home
      By kbinnz
      Authors Summary: Sequel to "Harry's First Detention" - read that first, please!
      Rated T

      Remembering Me
      By Truckles
      Authors Summary: During his retrieval of the Philosopher's Stone and encounter with Voldemort Harry is knocked unconscious. Upon waking he is found to have no memory of who he is or any magical ability. Snape begrudgingly takes on the role of guiding his memory and magic back during the summer holidays, making his own surprising discoveries along the way.
      Rated K+

      Snape's Second Chance
      By fishie11
      Authors Summary: Snape is dying in the Shrieking Shack when the unexpected happens.
      Rated K+

      In Care Of
      By FangsFawn
      Authors Summary: In response to the "Bats have superior hearing..." challenge (and perhaps a bit of "Battered Snape for Breakfast"). During the summer before sixth year, Harry finds an injured bat in the garden and decides to try to heal it...and an unwilling Snape learns just what kind of a person Harry Potter really is.
      Rated T

      Arielle Potter : Book Two
      By Serena Snape
      Authors Summary: Yup, this is the sequel to Arielle Potter : Book One. It's centered around Arielle's second year and while still following some canon facts, it's more AU than the last one! And there are even some dark plottings ahead! :D

      Life as Dictated by a Talking Hat
      By RhiannanT
      Authors Summary: Before Harry arrives at Hogwarts, the faculty have a meeting and decide that Harry will need a mentor to help him adjust, keep him out of trouble, and make protecting him easier. They decide that this person should the Head of the House into which Harry is sorted, presumably Minerva McGonagall. But things, of course, don't turn out as planned.
      Rated 16+

      Snape's Second Chance
      By omega13a
      Authors Summary: Snape is left dying in the Shrieking Shack after giving Harry his memories convinced that Harry is going to his death. When Snape dies, he is given a chance to send his soul backwards in time seven years to give Harry a chance for a better (and hopefully longer) life. Will switch back and fourth between being Snape centered and Harry centered.
      Rated K+

      Broken Wings
      By Snapegirl
      Authors Summary: Desperate to escape his guilt and nightmares after the third task, Harry transforms into a hawk by accident and ends up breaking both wings and suffering partial memory loss. He is found by Snape, and while the professor nurses him back to health discovers the truth about Severus and who are really his friends and enemies at Hogwarts.
      Rated T

      Brothers, Fathers, and Professors
      by DaughterOfAres
      Authors Summary: Sequel to Brothers and Fathers. Tobias, Severus, and Harry are at Hogwarts and school is in session. But nothing can ever be easy for the Snape family.
      Rated K

      A Jar of Dead Cockroaches
      by Clovergirl22
      Authors Summary: OotP AU Fic."What if" Snape didn't "miss" when he threw that jar at Harry's head after the pensieve incident? Harry suffers from amnesia while Snape begrudgingly takes up the role as his mentor/guardian...but will Snape be able to help Harry recover more than just the return of memories?
      Rated 16+

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