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Weekend update for Jan 3

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    Weekend update for Jan 3 Put Together By Scorpia ... Random Challenge ... Lost Memory Due to Torture by Raven_Snape Challenge Summary: I d like to see a story
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      Weekend update for Jan 3
      Put Together By Scorpia

      ------------ -----
      Random Challenge
      ------------ -----

      Lost Memory Due to Torture
      by Raven_Snape
      Challenge Summary: I'd like to see a story about Snape being tortured
      by Voldemort, and Dumbledore telling Harry that Snape had forgotten
      about the fact he was his father, because by protecting his mother
      and Harry, it was blown to the back of the head. You take it from
      there, let your imagination run free!!! but NO SLASH.

      Respond to challenge here:

      ------------ -
      New Stories
      ------------ -

      A Pair of Phoenixes
      by Kristeh
      Authors Summary: Harry has defeated Voldemort, but at a high cost to
      Rated 16+

      Her Secret Obsession
      by Ponytail Goddess
      Authors summary: AU Sevitus. What if Lily never died, but never
      revealed herself to Harry either? Slowly piece together the mystery
      of Severus' half-hearted relationship, Harry's parentage, Lily's job,
      and the truth about James in this time travel fic.
      Rated 16+

      Dark Legend Rising
      by Lady Julie Snape
      Authors Summary: Two years after Lily Evans graduated Hogwarts, she
      heard a legend from an ancient Dragon. The legend claims that with
      the help of a Dragon born in human form, a Fairy princess and a blind
      Seer, the vampire Prince will find the power to destroy the Dark
      During the summer, Harry learns some shocking news regarding his
      mother and father.
      Harry's fifth year is as adventurous as the last one. New teachers,
      including a blind Seer and her daughter, new classes and familiar
      friends; a broken sword from over two thousand years ago and an
      ancient book, may hold the key to the Dark Lord's defeat.
      Rated 16+

      ------------ -
      New Chapters
      ------------ -

      Intoxicated Babbling
      by Scorpia
      Authors summary: Stuck in a tunnel with an injured Harry Potter was
      the last thing Snape expected to happen. But when Potter get's rather
      loose tongued thanks to a pain reliever, will Snape be forced to re-
      think his judgments of the boy?
      Rated T

      The Prophecy Of Harry Potter
      by crystalz70
      Authors summary: Harry's secret is revealed. A new prophecy is told
      and Snape plays a crucial role to Harry's survival! Story takes place
      following the summer after GOF.
      Rated 16+

      The House Which Time Forgot
      by pdantzler
      Authors Summary: After the Dobby incident at the beginning of the
      second book, Harry runs away, and Snape kidnaps him. In an old-
      fashioned house with no comforts and a huge black dog, Harry finds
      himself at Snape's mercy as Snape plays mind games and makes Harry
      live through different scenarios. Though Snape seems crazy and
      psychotic, Harry begins to see reasons behind Snape's sporadic

      There is corporal punishment, but it is different from what I've
      written before. This is a Mean!Snape story for the most part. If
      you're looking for a cuddly story, go elsewhere please.
      Rated T

      Dance Of The Basilisk
      by Muggle49
      Authors Summary: Sequel to 'Almost Cheaper By The Dozen'. Harry and
      Severus are back with a very large family. Are they ready to face the
      second year adventures?
      This story is AU and NOTE: Contains "Spanking" of teens. If this
      bothers you DON'T read.
      Rated T

      An Uncertain Future
      by Pandora
      Authors Summary: After the final battle, Harry goes back into Snape's
      memories. What he finds, shocks him and turns what should have been
      his happiest days, into a living hell.
      Rated T

      Christmas Spirits
      by Laume
      Authors Summary: Another continuation of Shake On It. Albus
      Dumbledore is about to get visitors, courtesy of Harry and Severus
      Rated T

      Atoning The Past
      by Lupins Mistress
      Authors Summary: "...I am not your father. I will not act like your
      father. I do not care for you, Potter, and I will not be a parent to
      ...Harry was more than ready to agree with that and nodded as he
      finished the drink he had been sipping at nervously.
      It has been often said that a father and son can overcome anything,
      that family can overcome anything as long as there is love between
      them...but what if there isn't love but only hate? In a time of war
      most rely on their family and friends, but who can Harry rely on when
      he can't tell his friends that Severus Snape is his father?
      Especially with how curious they are of his secrets already. It isn't
      like he has Snape, anyway...to Snape he isn't more than just a burden
      after all, right? So in his time of need who can Harry turn to? Who
      can help him as he completes the task that was set on him?
      Rated 16+

      Harry Potter and the Princes of Slytherin
      by Aethyr
      Authors Summary: Snape and Harry resume Occlumency lessons in book
      six. Harry grieves for Sirius (rather than getting over his death
      impossibly quickly). Things... ensue...
      Rated K+

      Know Thyself
      by wellyuthink
      Authors Summary: As the clock strikes midnight on Harry Potter's
      fourteenth birthday, the reflection of a strange boy appears in
      Harry's window. What unusual news does he bring? And why does this
      stranger appear to be none other than Harry himself?
      Rated T

      Snow Girl & the Sorcerer's Son
      by Snapegirl
      Authors Summary: When 10-year-old Harry goes on an early morning
      shopping trip for Severus's birthday present, he discovers a girl
      half-frozen in the snow in Diagon Alley. Little does he know that his
      encounter with the snow girl will change his family forever, for she
      harbors a secret past and a singular gift that could bring an enemy
      down upon them all unknowing. Tale partially based on "The Little
      Match Girl" by Hans Christian Anderson.
      Sequel to A Wolf in Winter, part of the Snowy Encounters series.
      Rated K+

      Lily's Charm: The Gift
      by ObsidianEmbrace
      Authors Summary: Sequel to Lily's Charm. After Voldemort's defeat,
      Severus and Harry struggle to overcome the shadows he left behind.
      SS/LE H/G
      Rated 16+

      Sectumsempra - The Consequences
      by Asterix Tutnix
      Authors Summary: Having cast the Sectumsempra spell on Malfoy in HBP,
      Harry has to deal with the consequences. The story is written from
      Harry's perspective and starts in the bathroom directly after the
      curse hit Malfoy and Snape rushed in and healed him.
      Rated K+

      Christmas at Spinner's End
      by Kristeh
      Authors Summary: After the final battle, Harry and Severus are given
      a second chance.
      Rated T

      Sectumsempra - Snape's Perspective
      by Asterix Tutnix
      Authors Summary: After Harry cast the Sectumsempra spell on Malfoy in
      HBP, Snape sees it as his responsibility to make Harry feel the
      consequences. The Story starts in the bathroom directly after the
      curse hit Malfoy and Snape rushed in and healed him. This version is
      written from Snape's perspective.
      Rated K+

      Unexpected Love
      by bigfanofHarrySev
      Authors Summary: When Vernon Dursley goes a little too far with
      Harry, he believes he has killed him. This in fact is not true.
      Unexpectedly, a little boy ends up in the hands of someone who never
      wanted him... who never thought he could love him. Harry and Severus
      Rated T

      Filling the Void
      by lyra
      Authors Summary: Sometimes getting what you want is terrifying. Can
      Severus and Harry manage after the roller coaster that was first year?
      Sequel to Reading the Signs.
      Rated K+

      Of Love, in Unexpected Places
      by ObsessiveaboutSnape
      Authors Summary: Summer after fourth year is finally over, and things
      are not as expected when Harry makes it back to the magical world.
      Badly broken and determined for it to stop, Harry turns to,
      surprisingly, a certian Potions Master, who in turn finds within
      himself, of all places, a heart still beating and waiting to love,
      and be loved in turn.
      Rated 16+

      Losing Harry
      by Wherewolf
      Authors Summary: 15 year old Snape leaves Hogwarts to raise Lily's
      baby Harry. At the same time, he struggles with Lily's lack of
      affection, Dumbledore's apathy and Death Eaters. When he finds the
      truth behind Lily's well kept lies, he risks losing Harry forever.
      Rated T

      Harry's New Home
      by kbinnz
      Authors Summary: Sequel to "Harry's First Detention" - read that
      first, please!
      Rated T

      Antiquity's Corollary
      by gonnabefamous
      Authors Summary: At Lily's request, Dumbledore has kept a secret from
      Severus Snape for 17 years. When he learns that the past plays a
      vital role in the war, however, Severus must deal with the
      consequences as Albus quickly countermands that decision.
      Severitus/Sevitus. PreHBP. Also posted on fanfiction.net..
      Rated T

      Harry and His New Family
      by grugster
      Authors Summary: Harry is getting abused by his relatives. When Snape
      and his wife find out about it, they adopt him. So now he has two
      little twin brothers and a caring family to cope with.
      Rated K+

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