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Weekend update for Nov 1

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  • mryhcx
    Weekend update for Nov 1 Put Together By Scorpia ... Random Challenge ... Opposite His Nature by Scorpia Challenge Summary: For one reason or another, Severus
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      Weekend update for Nov 1
      Put Together By Scorpia

      ------------ -----
      Random Challenge
      ------------ -----
      Opposite His Nature
      by Scorpia
      Challenge Summary: For one reason or another, Severus gives Harry a
      potion that makes him act opposite his nature.

      Respond to challenge:

      ------------ -
      New Stories
      ------------ -

      Better Brush It
      by Sa-kun
      Authors Summary: For every action, there is a consequence. Even for
      neglecting to brush your hair. Drabble.
      Rating K

      Time to Live
      by little-sun
      Authors Summary: Another Halloween story! I may be a bit obsessed
      this year... *grin*
      Rating T

      What If . . .
      by sevsnapelove
      Authors Summary: What if Harry had met Draco on the platform instead
      of Ron? How would this change Harry's life and attitude? Harry and
      Draco become friends, Harry lacks humility due to his summer-stay
      with the Malfoys, and Snape, his Head of House, is left to remedy the
      problem, showing him what it means to truly be a Slytherin.
      Rating T

      An Uncertain Future
      by Pandora
      Authors Summary: After the final battle, Harry goes back into Snape's
      memories. What he finds, shocks him and turns what should have been
      his happiest days, into a living hell
      Rating T

      The Legend of Sleepy... Hogwarts?
      by Zarathustra
      Authors Summary: Written for the Spellcast Hallowe'en Challenge with
      Les Dowich. Telling a spooky story to the First-years, Harry
      unleashes something totally unexpected.
      Rating T

      It's Following Me
      by wellyuthink
      Authors Summary: It's Halloween and Something is hunting Harry - if
      only he could get Severus to believe him. Takes place during Harry's
      fifth year, not OotP compliant. My take on the Halloween!fic.
      Rating K+

      ------------ -
      New Chapters
      ------------ -

      Better Be Slytherin!
      by jharad17
      Authors Summary: As a first year, Harry is sorted into Slytherin
      instead of Gryffindor, and no one is more surprised than his new Head
      of House.
      Rating K+

      by Twinheart
      Authors Summary: SEQUEL TO EQUILIBIRUM : A mentoring relationship is
      developing between young wizard Harry Potter and his dour Potions
      Professor, Severus Snape; but away from Hogwarts, Harry's life is not
      all it seems. Summer before Year Two.
      Rating T

      Slave Child
      by Kristeh
      Authors Summary: A duel with Draco leads to drastic and permanent
      consequences for both Harry and Severus.
      Rating T

      Lily's Charm: The Gift
      by ObsidianEmbrace
      Authors Summary: Sequel to Lily's Charm. After Voldemort's defeat,
      Severus and Harry struggle to overcome the shadows he left behind.
      SS/LE H/G
      Rating 16+

      Encounter with a Dark Lord
      by Hestia
      Authors Summery: With James and Lily dead, Albus has a plan for baby
      Harry. Minerva has other ideas.
      Rating T

      Harry's New Home
      by kbinnz
      Authors Summary: Sequel to "Harry's First Detention" - read that
      first, please!
      Rating T

      Filling the Void
      by lyra
      Authors Summary: Sometimes getting what you want is terrifying. Can
      Severus and Harry manage after the roller coaster that was first year?
      Sequel to Reading the Signs.
      Rating K+

      Come What May
      by Scorpia
      Authors Summary: Harry's life is turned around and upside down when a
      late night visitor from the future tells him the unthinkable. Now he
      must convince Snape to teach him Occlumency, get along with Draco
      Malfoy and survive through what Voldemort has planned for him. AU
      Rating T

      Almost Cheaper By The Dozen
      by Muggle49
      Authors Summary: Severus and Harry both wish the same dream and their
      dream will be answered by fate in a very unusual way. This story is
      AU with one character. There is child abuse by Vernon and spanking of
      teens in the later chapters.
      Rating T

      by Lilah73
      Authors Summary: Unexpected results, after a potions assignment,
      leave Severus and Harry struggling with reality. A forced stay at
      Grimmauld Place, that includes Draco, doesn't help matters.
      Rating T

      by purplemagik
      Authors Summary: Changing relationships, changing appearances, new
      friendships. And what happens when Harry finds out Snape is his real
      father?! Eventual Harry/Hermione as well. Rated T to be safe. Not HBP
      or DH compliant.
      Rating T

      Where Shadows Go
      by Snapegirl
      Authors Summary: Prequel to Never Again. After the death of her
      husband, Lily Potter must begin her life anew, along with her son,
      Harry. Can they find comfort and solace with Master Healer Severus
      Snape? Or will old wounds from past and present keep them apart?
      Rating 16+

      Know Thyself
      by wellyuthink
      Authors Summary: As the clock strikes midnight on Harry Potter's
      fourteenth birthday, the reflection of a strange boy appears in
      Harry's window. What unusual news does he bring? And why does this
      stranger appear to be none other than Harry himself?
      Rating T

      Two Serpents Of A Scale
      by BlutRenntRot
      Authors Summary: Harry James Potter has been neglected. Harry James
      Potter has been abused. Harry James Potter has been starved. Harry
      James Potter has also been sorted into Slytherin. Perhaps he is not
      so predictable. How will he fare in the den of the serpent? More
      importantly, how will he fare with one Severus Snape? I hope you
      enjoyed that. It was terribly cliche to write. Summaries are
      Rating 16+

      Antiquity's Corollary
      by gonnabefamous
      Authors Summary: At Lily's request, Dumbledore has kept a secret from
      Severus Snape for 17 years. When he learns that the past plays a
      vital role in the war, however, Severus must deal with the
      consequences as Albus quickly countermands that decision.
      Severitus/Sevitus. PreHBP. Also posted on fanfiction.net..
      Rating T

      by Zarathustra
      Authors Summary: When Vernon discovers Harry can't do magic during
      his first summer back from Hogwarts, he loses it when the cake falls
      on his clients. Completely AU version of the Severitus challenge
      beginning during the summer after first year.
      Rating 16+/

      Harry Potter and the Map of Discoveries
      by tatajess
      Authors Summary: When Fred & George stole the Marauder's Map in their
      first year, they didn't expect the secrets it would reveal years
      later. How will Harry & Snape adjust to the new discoveries & how
      will it effect the wizarding world? AU, canon through OoTP.
      Rating T

      Severus Snape and the Muggle
      by wrappedinharry
      Authors Summary; When Harry and his new, pretty neighbour are rescued
      from Privet Drive on the eve of a Death Eater attack, Severus becomes
      Harry's reluctant guardian and healer in the weeks following. Old
      prejudices are challenged as Harry's new friend casts her own spell
      over Hogwarts' Potions Master.
      Rating 16+

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      Spread the smiles, give a review.
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