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Weekend Update August 2

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    Weekend Update for August 2 Put Together by Scorpia ... Random Challenge ... Field Trips by hj marsh Challenge Summary: There s a field trip with some selected
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      Weekend Update for August 2
      Put Together by Scorpia

      ------------ -----
      Random Challenge
      ------------ -----

      Field Trips
      by hj marsh
      Challenge Summary: There's a field trip with some selected students
      and chaperones, of which Harry and Snape must be included. During the
      trip something shocking is revealed concerning either Snape or Harry,
      or both; the purpose of the field trip can be to reveal it.

      Respond the Challenge Here:

      ------------ -
      New Stories
      ------------ -

      In The End
      By PyroChilde
      Authors Summary: Once more Harry has destroys the Dark Lord, but this
      time he won't be walking away unscathed. My first drabble.
      Rating 16+

      Hidden Talents Revealed
      By PyroChilde
      Authors Summary: Snape gets a surprise when he's ordered to teach
      Harry Potter Occlumency.
      Rating K

      Bitter Sweet Revenge
      by Gryffinbear
      Authors Summary: Dumbledore sends Snape to check on Harry, and Snape
      reaches Privet Drive just as Harry collapses off his broom in his
      haste to escape from Vernon.
      Rating T

      Depression Cure
      by Snapegirl
      Authors Summary: Severus agrees to take Harry to McDonalds in London
      as a way to snap him out of his depression over losing his magic
      and certain truths are revealed . . .
      Rating K

      ------------ -
      New Chapters
      ------------ -

      Fate's sense of irony
      by Cicci Green
      Authors Summary: What if Dudley was a wizard? And went to Hogwarts?
      Things aren't looking too good for Harry Potter, or for Severus
      Snape. AU, of course.
      Rating T

      To Have A Father
      By Crystal Cove
      Authors Summary: Something happens to Harry the summer before his
      third year: he ends up in a reality where Severus Snape is his
      father. AU, Sevitus—Includes Sirius!
      Rating K

      The Punishment Should Fit the Crime
      by Mourning becomes Elektra
      Authors Summary: Snape punishes Harry for the debacle at the
      Shrieking Shack, and gets far more than he bargained for.
      Rating 16+

      Slave Child
      By Kristeh
      Authors Summary: A duel with Draco leads to drastic and permanent
      consequences for both Harry and Severus.
      Rating T

      A Shocking Discovery
      by wrappedinharry
      Authors Summary: A near tragedy and a shocking discovery lead two
      bitter enemies to much soul searching and eventual acceptance of each
      other. Much angst along the way though. Some Ginny and Harry.
      Rating 16+

      The Heir to Prince Manor
      by Snapegirl, DaughterOfAres
      Authors Summary: When Harry wakes one morning, he discovers a badly
      injured Snape in his living room, and tries to hide him. But Petunia
      discovers them and reveals a secret she has kept for thirteen years--
      one that will change the course of Harry's life forever, and
      Severus's as well. AU, pre-GOF.
      Rated T

      Out Of Azkaban
      By Laume
      Authors Summary: Harry and Snape have been sent to Azkaban on false
      charges. Once out, they are not what the Order expects.
      Rated K+

      Whelp II -- The Wrath of Snape
      by jharad17
      Authors Summary: Soon after rescuing 7-year-old Harry from the
      abusive Dursleys, Severus Snape starts his teaching career at
      Hogwarts. Harry finds even more ways to surprise his father, the
      Headmaster, and a school full of students. Snape'll have his hands
      full, raising and protecting his son.
      Rated T

      Come What May
      By Scorpia
      Authors Summary: Trust Severus Snape is at the top of Harry's Things
      To Never Do list. But when Harry's future self comes back in time to
      tell him that the Wizarding world and the people he loves most are at
      stake, Harry doesn't have a choice.
      But, unfortunately for Harry, Snape plans to make that harder then it
      should be.
      Rated T

      Lily's Charm: The Gift
      By Obsidian Embrace
      Authors Summary: Sequel to Lily's Charm. Severus struggles to help
      his son recover from their time spent in Voldemort's shadow, and
      Harry continues to be haunted by dreams of a familiar darkness. SS/LE
      Rated 16+

      by Zarathustra
      Authors Summary: When Vernon discovers Harry can't do magic during
      his first summer back from Hogwarts, he loses it when the cake falls
      on his clients. Completely AU version of the Severitus challenge
      beginning during the summer after first year.
      Rated: T

      A Place For Warriors
      By owlsaway
      Authors Summary: Snape and Harry are locked in the Room of
      Requirement by Dumbledore. Harry's magic works, and Snape's doesn't.
      Will they kill each other? In response to the 72-Hour Challenge.
      Rated T

      by xoAngelicDemise
      Authors Summary: A summer road trip through Muggle America turns ill
      when the car that Ron, Hermione, and Harry have purchased breaks
      down. Walking to the nearest gas station, Harry encounters the last
      person he thought he ever wanted to see…and his 87 Camaro. But
      there's a side to Severus Snape that no knows about: a free riding
      rebel that would rather don older rock tees than robes and still
      breaks rules wherever he can. Little do they know it, but the Golden
      Trio is in for one hell of a summer. - Summer after sixth Year - Non-
      HBP and DH compliant
      Rated 16+

      Where Shadows Go
      By Snapegirl
      Authors Summary: Prequel to Never Again. After the death of her
      husband, Lily Potter must begin her life anew, along with her son,
      Harry. Can they find comfort and solace with Master Healer Severus
      Snape? Or will old wounds from past and present keep them apart?
      Rated K+

      The Last Gift
      By Keina
      Authors Summary: Harry receives a very special gift for his 16th
      birthday, which quickly comes in handy when things get really bad at
      Privet Drive this summer. But when he finds refuge at Snape's,
      everything starts to get complicated...
      Rating 16+

      The House Which Time Forgot
      by pdantzler
      Authors Summary: After the Dobby incident at the beginning of the
      second book, Harry runs away, and Snape kidnaps him. In an old-
      fashioned house with no comforts and a huge black dog, Harry finds
      himself at Snape's mercy as Snape plays mind games and makes Harry
      live through different scenarios. Though Snape seems crazy and
      psychotic, Harry begins to see reasons behind Snape's sporadic

      There is corporal punishment, but it is different from what I've
      written before. This is a Mean!Snape story for the most part. If
      you're looking for a cuddly story, go elsewhere please.
      Rating T

      Please remember to review!
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