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Weekend update!

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  • Jan AQ
    Author Interviews! We are currently setting up some interviews for the authors of Potions and Snitches. The time to ask questions for the first four authors is
    Message 1 of 64 , Apr 1, 2007
      Author Interviews!

      We are currently setting up some interviews for the authors of Potions
      and Snitches. The time to ask questions for the first four authors is
      now past. :) Hopefully they will be out soon, please stay tuned!


      Nominate a Featured story!

      It's time for some new Featured stories! The three stories with the
      most nominations posted on the latest news item on the archive will be
      featured! :)


      Each member may nominate up to three seperate stories. If you post
      more than that, only the first three will be counted. You must be
      logged-in to comment with a nomination. No users signed up after the
      date of this post will be counted. Please list both story and author.
      The stories must be located on this site. The deadline is April 7.

      Good luck authors!

      New Stories

      After All These Years
      by Gillian
      Companion piece to The Absence of Unhappy.
      Rated: K+

      New Chapters

      by elsa
      Voldemort's dead and life is great. Isn't it? Harry's not so sure.
      There's always a new problem but the trouble is that sometimes
      figuring out what the right thing to do about it can be tricky...
      Sequel to Taniwha and Chrysalid.
      Rated: T

      Harry Potter and the Enemy Within
      by Theowyn
      As Harry enters his sixth year at Hogwarts, Voldemort's lengthening
      shadow stretches across the wizarding world and Harry is tormented by
      the knowledge that he alone can end this reign of terror. Worse, his
      mysterious mental link to Voldemort is stronger than ever and
      threatens to overwhelm him. Only Snape can teach him to control the
      nightmarish visions, but can Harry and Snape learn to trust one
      another, or will an old grudge that refuses to die destroy the
      wizarding world's sole hope of defeating the Dark Lord?
      Rated: T

      A Year Like None Other
      by aspeninthesunlight
      A letter from home sends Harry down a path he'd never have walked on
      his own. A sixth year fic, this story follows Order of the Phoenix and
      disregards any canon events that occur after Book 5. Spoilers for the
      first five books. Have fun!
      Rated: 16+

      by SilverWolf7
      Harry finds out that Snape is his father, and also a vampire! Or, at
      least half of one. He slowly begins to change from the Harry everyone
      knows in to the son of Severus.
      Rated: K+

      Paradigm Shift
      by Rock Lobster
      Post OOP: Harry, still haunted by the events at the DOM, escapes
      Privet Drive and Snape becomes his unwilling accomplice. Horses and
      Rated: 16+

      Dark Influences
      by LAXgirl
      SEQUEL TO "KEPT BEHIND" Harry might have survived his ordeal as a
      disembodied spirit, but when the Order is jeopardized by one of its
      own, Harry must risk everything to save the one that once saved him...
      even if that person is Snape
      Rated: K+

      Ashes of the Phoenix
      by Solitare
      Sick and tired with the way the Dursleys were treating him, Harry
      decides he has had enough. Leaving the house he makes his way towards
      the Leaky Cauldron only to encounter the one person he didnt want to
      Rated: T

      Don't forget to Thank the writers - review!

      Thank you,

      chocolate frogs,

    • Jan AQ
      New Featured Story! Congratulations to Branwyn for winning the Featured Story Poll! The Poor of God is now a Featured Story.
      Message 64 of 64 , Nov 10, 2007
        New Featured Story!

        Congratulations to Branwyn for winning the Featured Story Poll! The
        Poor of God is now a Featured Story.

        Thanks to everyone who participated!


        Server move:

        The server move has not taken place yet. We are still waiting to hear
        from the new company of when they will do the site transfer and get
        the domain connected. Please continue to use the site as normal until
        then. An announcememnt will be made before the site is transfered, and
        it will be put into maintenance mode so no new data will be lost.

        New Stories

        My Son
        by Terri
        Author's Summary: Severitus - Snape knows he is Harry's father, but
        his desperate attempts to gain custody fail. He vows that he will
        protect his son, by any means.
        Rating: T

        Office Meeting.
        by preety_lady_serenity
        Author's Summary: Harry visits the Headmistress office for a chat but
        she is called out unexpectantly. Twenty years after the fall of Lord
        Voldemort Harry has to face the one man he never wished to. Snape.
        (One-shot, complete, takes place after the Deathly Hallows, includes
        minor spoilers).
        Rating: 16+

        Harry and the Turn of the Tide
        by teddylonglong
        Author's Summary: What if: Voldemort was really dead, Harry had
        managed to change the spell that Voldemort sent to Lily, the wards
        around Harry failed after only six months and Harry was taken away
        from the Dursleys? Pairings: Minerva/Albus, Poppy/Aberforth,
        Lily/Severus, Harry/OC. Warnings: Completely AU, partly OOC, Abuse by
        the Dursleys
        Rating: K

        The House Which Time Forgot
        by pdantzler
        Author's Summary: After Harry's first year, he accidentally stumbles
        upon Snape and gets abducted. Through tears, hurt, and healing, Harry
        begins to realize that the past never stays buried.
        There is corporal punishment, but it is different from what I've
        written before.
        Rating: T

        The Unexpected Visitor
        by Eva
        Author's Summary: AU. This is a Snape mentor Harry kind of story. It
        starts with Harry's summer vacation before his Second Year as Snape
        comes across something that breaks all delusions about the boy's
        home-life. Please don't flame. I really appreciate constructive
        criticism but no flames. Please!
        Rating: K+

        New Chapters

        by Alexis8907
        Author's Summary: Abandoned on the streets, then placed in an
        orphanage, and finally adopted by a loving woman. Things are finally
        getting better for young Harry… or are they?
        Rating: T

        O Mine Enemy
        by Kirby Lane
        Author's Summary: When Harry finds a battered Snape on his doorstep,
        events are set in motion that will determine the outcome of the war.
        6th year/ignores HBP. Eventually Snape mentors Harry. Bil's Challenge
        Rating: T

        Walk the Shadows
        by jharad17
        Author's Summary: The summer after 5th year, Death Eaters find Harry
        abandoned in the Dursley house and bring him to Voldemort. Will one
        particular Death Eater give up his position and his hate to save his
        enemy's child? Eventual Snape mentors Harry fic.
        Rating: 16+/

        Reading the Signs
        by lyra
        Author's Summary: Harry is hurt and loses his voice. Will Snape help
        him find it again?
        Rating: K+

        The Triwizard Keeper
        by Eniledam
        Author's Summary: Written for the Triwizard Guardian Challenge.
        Dumbledore thinks that Harry needs someone to help him through this
        uncertain "tournament." Who would you choose?
        Rating: T

        A Place for Warriors
        by owlsaway
        Author's Summary: Snape and Harry are locked in the Room of
        Requirement by Dumbledore. Harry's magic works, and Snape's doesn't.
        Will they kill each other? In response to the 72-Hour Challenge.
        Rating: T

        Harry Potter and the Mysterious Metamorphosis
        by Aeryun
        Author's Summary: Year Seven, SS through HBP compliant (Non Deathly
        Hallows Compliant) Severitus. Why is Harry's appearance changing? Is
        he being affected by destroying the Horcruxes in the same manner that
        Voldemort was while he was creating them? And just why is Snape acting
        so weird?
        Rating: 16+

        Better Be Slytherin!
        by jharad17
        Author's Summary: As a first year, Harry is sorted into Slytherin
        instead of Gryffindor, and no one is more surprised than his new Head
        of House.
        Rating: K+

        Falling Stars
        by dianehc
        Author's Summary: The war's finished, the good guys won, and it's time
        to live. Wouldn't it be lovely if that were true? But, for Harry and
        Severus, the end of the war is just to good to be true.
        Rating: 16+

        Harry and the Elixir of Time
        by teddylonglong
        Author's Summary: At the welcoming feast Poppy notices that
        eleven-year-old Harry is wearing glamours, Severus looks after Harry
        during the first year, and together they decide to go on a time travel
        – will they be able to change something? AU, partly OOC.
        Rating: K

        The Gambler's Son
        by bellatrix
        Author's Summary: Lily always dreamed of a quiet life. However, her
        status as wife to Great Britain's Premier Potions Master, and Mother
        of The Boy Who Lived seemed to quash any hope of a peaceful existence.
        This is the story of Lily, Severus and Harry as I'd like to imagine
        their lives would be.
        Rating: K

        Harry Potter and the Potions Professor
        by Kristeh
        Author's Summary: HBP Alternative Universe. Harry acquires a
        surprising new ally as he struggles to overcome his grief and accept
        the burden of the Prophecy.
        Rating: T

        Please remember to review! Thank you!

        chocolate frogs,

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