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Weekend Update! :)

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  • Jan AQ
    Potions and Snitches Weekend Update! :D Harry Potter and the Phoenix`s Flight by The Velvet Ghost has been awarded Featured Status this week.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 2006
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      Potions and Snitches Weekend Update! :D

      "Harry Potter and the Phoenix`s Flight" by The Velvet Ghost has been
      awarded Featured Status this week.
      http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/viewstory.php?sid=174 It
      recieved the third highest amount of votes on our Featured Poll.
      Congrats, Velvet! :)

      I may be upgrading the archive sometime this week so if you see
      anything strange or unaccessible, or can't log-in then that would
      probably be why. Please be patient, it will be worth it!

      New Stories

      by Bil
      Summary: Snape tortures Harry. Complete.
      Rated: T

      New Chapters

      An Innocent Gift
      by Amber Dream
      Due to Voldemort's... insanity, Severus is forced to take an
      unidentified potion. When the effects of said potion take place, what
      does Dumbledore do? Send him to the one person he feels he can trust
      of course. (Please note rating may change)
      Rated: T

      A Reflection of Himself
      by Sindie
      Summary: Written prior to the publication of HBP, this is my version
      of Harry's sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts, and how an unlikely
      relationship develops between Snape and Harry.
      Rated: K+

      The Tortured Soul
      by purpleygirl
      Summary: When Snape finally discovers the truth about what happened in
      Godric's Hollow, he finds his very identity called into question. Can
      he deal with the unsettling consequences as they begin to unravel on
      him? How does he cope with Harry's impossible desire to see the father
      he now believes survived Godric's Hollow? And just what is Voldemort's
      true motive behind letting the truth out now? AU of Harry's 5th year
      at Hogwarts (HBP-backstory compliant). Gen. Sevitus, but not
      Lily/Snape, and not MPreg.
      Rated: T

      Beware of Foolish Wandwaving
      by Laume
      Summary: Severus learns two things: Do not foolishly wave your wand at
      your school enemies. Do not step between school enemies waving their
      wands. You never know what might happen.
      Rated: K

      Rules of the Game
      by margot_llama
      Summary: AU. Harry, on the night the first letter came, was dumped by
      the Dursley's in London. Now, three months later, he is found and
      expected to lead a normal life at Hogwarts. But, where Harry Potter is
      concerned, can anything be normal? Mild abuse, neglect.
      Rated: T

      the Secret of Slytherin
      by Kirinin
      Summary: Amidst misconceptions and reconciliation, the lines that
      separate the Wizarding World will be destroyed. Enemies will serve one
      another as friendships are tested and forged. But first, the Sorting
      Hat Who Will Not Sort has a message for Hogwarts... Warnings: some OOC
      (with reason). Definite and unabashed alternate universe, here: takes
      place from the beginning of sixth year. Snape and Harry interaction
      doesn't start until chapter 4.
      Rated: T

      Please remember to leave a feedback review! Thank you!

      chocolate frogs,

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