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Re: Help please: trying to find a challenge ...

Never mind ... I've found it ... after trawling through ALL the challenges alphabetically ... the title began with Y. Sent from my iTypewriter From:
Harlequin, Alexannah
Oct 8

Help please: trying to find a challenge ...

Hi all, A while ago I was browsing the PaS challenges (like you do) and came across one which I now can't find. I was sure I saved it in my bookmarks like I
Oct 7

Summer Fest Winners and Voting

The nominations for the 2015 Summer Fest http://www.potionsandsnitches.org/fanfiction/browse.php?type=categories&catid=62 stories have been tallied and the
Sep 28

Re: Potions & Snitches

It's working for me at 10:48 Eastern. Maybe it was a passing server thing, I don't know much about that. Kim
Kim Wood
Jul 29

Potions & Snitches

Is something wrong with the website? I tried getting on this morning, to get another look at the challenge I'm writing for during the summer fic fest, but it
Jul 29

2015 Summer Fic Fest

We are having a Summer Fic Fest on Potions and Snitches. Entries need to be posted before September. Summer Fic Fest 2015 Rules: Write a story based off of a
Jul 28

Help Looking For a Story

Help Me I am trying to find a story where Snape adopts Harry story. The adoption was spouse to be temporary until Sirius and Remus could take Harry. Sirius and
Jul 14

Re: Site Upgrade!

I'm so happy for this news! Yay! To: PotionsandSnitches@yahoogroups.com From: PotionsandSnitches@yahoogroups.com Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 11:08:40 -0700 Subject:
Linda J
Apr 17

Re: Site Upgrade!

Woot! This is such an awesome piece of news! Let me just take a moment to say what a good idea it was to make more than one admins and create a donation link
Kim Ley
Apr 17

Site Upgrade!

Great news! We raised enough money to upgrade the site to resource level 3. It should run faster now! I found a different way to upgrade and also discovered a
Apr 17

Re: Keep P&S online!

Done! Thanks for spreading the word, and stepping up to this task! MJ
Mar 28

Help finding a fic

Hi, Can someone help me find a fic? I cannot remember the title nor the author and it's driving me nuts. I remember a scene, Snape has been seriously hurt and
Mar 26

Keep P&S online!

Hello everyone! With the need for Potions and Snitches to be crowd funded now, I created a GoFund me account for the site. The first $191 funds will pay for
Mar 24

P&S 10 year anniversary!

P&S has been up for TEN YEARS now! :) Thanks for all the fun and fics! Check out this video our new admin Luck made: Hogwarts will always welcome you home....
Feb 13

Re: And we're back!

Yay, so no lost sheep. :) Kim
Kim Wood
Jan 31
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