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  • catdog12901
    Dec 27, 2012
      I can't really put a story together, buuuuut a plot bunny bit me at work today so I thought I would toss it out to someone to see what type of stories would stem from the bunny. Here' the idea that came to me, what if a half-blood or muggleborn introduced 'Hit a Ginger Day' (self-explanatory, I hope) to Hogwarts and how would it effect the Weasleys? It can be an established day that the Weasley parents/grandparents/other ancestor have gone through or it can be something that Draco Malfoy or someone else attempts to turn into an established tradition after hearing or overhearing a half-blood or muggleborn talk about it.

      Have fun with it, if this plot bunny has children or any of its siblings come to see me I'll let all of you know so you can run with it or not...your choice. My apologizes to any gingers out there who might not particularly care for this plot bunny, just ignore it or write the story from Ron's or another characters point of view.