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2727Re: Good luck for all in the path of Sandy

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  • Gonnabefamous
    Oct 29, 2012
      Good luck to you and you are all in my prayers. I know quite a few people on the coast and I hope everyone will remain safe.

      I hate to rec my own fic, haha, but it is an epic length if you're interested. Here's the summary:

      Antiquity's Corollary

      At Lily's request, Albus Dumbledore has kept a secret from Severus Snape for 17 years. When Dumbledore learns that this secret plays a vital role in the war, however, it is Snape who is left to deal with the consequences. As Harry's true parentage is revealed, both his and Snape's futures become uncertain. The two must learn to work together in order to survive. PreHBP.


      It is a WIP but I plan to finish it this year if possible. I just updated last week. It is 51 chapters, 360,000 words, and about 800 pages in word. It will certainly keep you occupied! I have it saved as a word document, all in one, (although it's copied off the website so there are still chapter breaks and author notes throughout) so if you wanted I could email it to you so you could save it onto your Kindle. Might be able to convert it to a PDF, I've never actually tried. Hmm.

      Well, anyways, let me know if you are interested, otherwise good luck and be safe!


      --- In PotionsandSnitches@yahoogroups.com, "gemini_angel_64" <geminiangel1964@...> wrote:
      > Hope everyone is safe through the coming "Frankenstorm". We have stocked up and are hunkered down waiting.
      > I know we will lose power so I have charged my Nook. Planning to "copy" a few fics to read during the long hiatus. Any recommendations for epics to keep me occupied?
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