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  • Lisa Chouinard
    Greetings all- Here s the latest news... First: Many thanks to all the wonderful emails I ve received from fans and friends praising my new album, LAST WORD
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      Greetings all-

      Here's the latest news...

      Many thanks to all the wonderful emails I've received from fans and friends praising my new album, "LAST WORD IN". Sales for the cd have been great, with many stores selling out and ordering more to keep up with demand. Thanks for spreading the word!

      Tower, Borders, Virgin and most major chains are stocking the cd and many smaller independent stores are also carrying it. If you are having trouble finding "LAST WORD IN", any record store can order it for you. My record label is Cliffdive Records and is distributed through Hep Cat Distribution (1-800-404-4117).

      Autographed copies can be ordered online from http://www.johnnyboyd.com and most other online music merchants are selling the new album.

      I've just updated my website with new "bio" and "buzz" pages that feature "LAST WORD IN" song histories and album reviews from listeners like you. People have been writing and asking how the songs on the album were developed and now you can read it for yourself. Muhahahahahah...and they said I was MAD at the University! Check out all the new stuff at http://www.johnnyboyd.com .

      Many have written asking about the vintage neckties I'm wearing in the liner photos of the new album and on my website. Some people are aware that while I enjoy all things vintage, I am CRAZY for wide vintage neckties from the post-war era. To me, they are beautiful little paintings of history and each one tells a unique story.

      I've accumulated over 3,000 vintage neckties over the years, mostly while touring with Indigo Swing, and it's getting kind of crowded. So I've asked my friends at Stylecraft to sell 70+ neckties from my personal collection on Ebay over the next few weeks. If you like vintage neckwear or know someone who does, perhaps you will enjoy owning and wearing these beauties as much as I have.

      Bookmark this site:

      My neckties will be added weekly.

      Working on tour dates. Can't wait to see you again-
      Johnny Boyd

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