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Gypsy House Party 2012 only 19 days away!

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  • Jerry Warwick
    This year s best dance and party event is happening in less than 3 weeks, Oct 19 - 21 in Dallas Texas at Historic Sons of Hermann Hall. Every year this event
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      This year's best dance and party event is happening in less than 3 weeks, Oct 19 - 21 in Dallas Texas at Historic Sons of Hermann Hall. Every year this event features 5 of the best DJ's in the country playing music from three different genres.

      Being a DJ at Gypsy House Party is not easy because the DJ's have to bring all of their talent to one event. They have to be able to not only play great music but each night is a different genre, Swing / Blues / Soul.
      The featured DJ's below will play during the main dance, but the after hours finds all five DJ's on the stage playing together. Dancing will go from 8p - 4a each night. You don't want to miss it.

      The whole weekend is only $50 or individual nights are also available. There is a lot more to Gypsy than just the music though. Go to www.gypsyhouseparty.com for all the information and for registration.


      On Friday night, our DJ's will play the best swing and lindy hop music to get the floor moving. This year our featured DJ on Friday will be none other than Mike Marcotte from Washington DC.

      Mike Marcotte hails from Washington DC and has served as the head DJ for the International Lindy Hop Championships since it's inception. Whether as the house DJ at K2 Dance Studio, putting together Sunday Blues at Glen Echo with his partner Donna Barker, to The Jam Cellar and beyond -- he's always trying to keep the floor rocking. He was honored to have been selected to be among the DJs at the Frankie95 Birthday Festival in NYC. He has served as a competition DJ for several years at Swing Fling, The Virginia State Open, and The American Lindy Hop Championships.

      On Saturday night, our DJ's will play the best blues and early jazz music to get your body off the chair and onto the floor. This year our featured DJ on Friday will be the good Dr. Feelgood himself, Steven Watkins from Oakland.

      Steven, a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood, started dancing in 1998 in New York City and now calls San Francisco/Oakland Home! His BLUES DJing stuff began at his other adopted home - St. Louis during Cheap Thrills 2004. Since then, Dr. Feelgood has been thrilled to spread/share his love for the BLUES with a handsome mix of smooth, sultry, gritty music, coupled with a great sense of musical timing in order to take dancers on a serious journey. Rest assured if it were up to him, there would be no venues...every dance hall would feel like a "Joint". Oh, those sexy good looks help too!

      Sunday night is Soul night, so all your best classic soul and Motown tunes. This year we are featuring none other than Jim Wheatley from Atlanta.
      Jim Wheatley from Atlanta, GA has DJed numerous local Swing and Blues Events and Lindy Exchanges throughout the country, was co-founder of the Atlanta Lindy Exchange. But even before he started DJing Swing and Lindy events or dancing those styles, Jim was listening to and loving classic Blues and Soul Music. That love became evident as long as a decade ago when, in the midst of the neo-swing movement, he still managed to pepper his playlists with tunes from the likes of James Brown and Aretha Franklin. Since then, as the acceptance of classic Soul Music has increased in the dance community, Jim has had the opportunity to DJ more blues and soul sets, including an Atlanta event known as �The Vinyl Experience,� where he plays soul music on all vinyl! He also DJed at 2009�s MezzJelly Soul event in Dallas, at the inaugural 2007 Swing & Soul event in Atlanta, and at the recent Sweet Georgia Blues event in Atlanta. Although he won�t be spinning vinyl at the Gypsy House Blues Party, Jim will be offering up some tasty sets that just might include digitized versions of some rare blues and soul vinyl!

      In addition to the featured out of town DJ's, we have two of the best national DJ's that just happen to live here in Dallas, Tina Davis and Jerry Warwick.

      Tina has been a featured DJ at workshops, exchanges and dance events all across the nation (and Canada!) since staring this �DJ thang� in Florida in 2003.No matter if it�s Blues, Soul, Lindy or whatever, Tina likes to spins a mix of styles for her sets but it's all gotta have a little "ass" to it to make the cut. She�s most definitely in her happy place when folks are dancin� and laughin�, movin� and groovin� to her sets.Tina�s home base is currently Dallas, Texas where you can occasionally find her spinning at Dallas� weekly blues dances She�s also been known on occasion to teach Blues and Lindy Hop with some weird guy named Don West and reportedly has a sick devotion to the University of Florida Gators.

      Having grown up in the 60�s and 70�s, musical variety has been a way of life for me and there is very little of it I don�t like. Much the same is true with the music I love to dance to. All it has to do is move me, and I want to dance. So, when the idea of Gypsy House Party came up, I was and am very excited to share the music that makes me want to dance. Plus, I get to share the stage with such great, talented DJ�s that will surely create a dancing vibe like none other.

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