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Swing Party - Sat. April 16 at SSQQ

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  • Michelle
    We have a big swing party coming up soon on April 16th at the SSQQ Speakeasy. Taxes are done and the we ll be hiding our assets from the G-men in our speakeasy
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      We have a big swing party coming up soon on April 16th at the SSQQ Speakeasy.

      Taxes are done and the we'll be hiding our assets from the G-men in our speakeasy as Gangsters and Flappers. We have bouncers so if you don't know the password, you ain't getting in. More later on who to bribe to get the password.

      The Great Gabino gots the tunes so forget about it.

      We got crash courses:

      • Michael Stephens aka Tall Baldy, will be teachin' us some cool acrobatic moves that are safe and easy for us that are no longer young, that can go with many types of dances (partner needed) … "geriatric acrobatics" don't often get used in the same sentence … this is an opportunity. We’ll be learning drops, dips, lunges, and moves that might mop the floor with the ladies posterior end. Dress in pants and change for the party after.

      • Gloria Sanchez, aka Big Bad Vodoo Mama, will be teaching beginning Balboa. If you don't know what Balboa is we got a video coming in from the east side docks later. This is that class that WAS going to be taught by Micky and Minnie but Micky got his wrist broke in a recent fight. He’ll be fine but he won't be whackin' anybody for a while. Gloria actually taught Micky the Balboa back in the day, so you wont be disappointed at all with what she brings to the table. Thank you Gloria for stepping up, my respect meter is pegged out.

      • Steve Gabino, aka The Great Gabino, will be getting you beginner East Coasters on the right track to dancing correctly and cool immediately.

      • Trent and Michelle and Becky Burgess, aka Samantha, (thank you witness protection program) will be teachin' classes in beginning and advanced West Coast cause if you don't let these West Coast cry babies have a slice of their pie, they might rat us out !! They know ALL our hidin' places.

      • Maureen Brunetti, aka Maureen Brunetti, will be teachin' Beg Lindy Swing to those who bribe their way past the authorities (our kind of people)

      • Jill Banta, aka Ohh La La, will be bringin' on her beginning Samba moves to spice things up from south of the border.

      We got the 1929 Model-A convertible that Mugsy used when he cheesed Roxy that put em both on the lam. Those were the days! It fits thru the doors so we got it out of the rain to hide it. We'll have you sittin' in that beauty with all your girls …. getting your picture made for your pals in Leavenworth by our gorgeous Lesley Hadella, aka Bombshell, and her high resolution (evidence) camera. And for a small bribe she'll hand the evidence over to you. So if you want to take your own picture with your own little pocket junk camera, you can forget about it cause Bombshell made the deal and unless she gets incarcerated or whacked or sompthin', forget about it. Details later, right now I ain't sayin' nothing.

      We got performance dances from Tall Baldy, and Bombshell and her main squeeze Jeffy Toe Head and others we cant mention without getting somebody in trouble. I tell you the place is crawlin' with cops lately.

      We plan on door prizes from local businesses near the speakeasy, they've been good about keeping their mouths shut and we appreciate it.

      We'll draw two winners to join a bunch of us to be in the Houston Art Car parade. Not watching, participating in it … on our Hawaiian themed bicycle built for 17 !!! This ain't no joke. Details later, I'm pleadin the 5th here.

      We got Cindy-Lou, aka Dot, sellin' contraband for your sweetie. What's she sellin'? I didn't say nothing, you didn't hear nothing, kapish?

      This is a classy joint we got here now, so we got free Fedora hats for the guys and free beads for the dolls so don't give me none of that.

      We got old movies of great old gangster dance moves on a screen to honor our forefathers and foreflappers that came before us. Show a little respect.

      So we got dancing from the East, West, South, and Tall Baldy's gonna be droppin' us in from the sky too!!!

      All this means YOU gotta get your get your gangster/flapper on and show up. Zuit Suits can be gotten locally at "Suits-U" on Harwin Street or online at MensUSA. Flapper dresses are local at Exotic Cabaret or Party City(both fine establishments) or online at:




      I'm sure there's a few more tricks up somebody's sleeve, but whaddya gonna do? This thing is gonna be bigger than Jimmie Durante’s nose the night he went 8 rounds with Big Pussy in Jersey City. This one may cost a little more cause ya get more, you hear me? We gotta pay off city officials, we gotta pay off the Irish guys in blue, and we gotta pay off the G-men, and Mugsy`s gotta get his cut. I tell ya … this place is gonna be crawlin' with "men with a future" and "women with a past" so suit up and show up or shut up! Kapish?

      -Charley "Freckles Malone" Denton
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