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Happy New Year ! — NO COVER Sweet & Sauté Swing on Friday! — Demitasse takes a break to join NIAMOVES on Saturday!!

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  • Hank Hauffe
    Here s what s happening: * Houston s Friday Night Swing venue -- Sweet & Sauté Swing!! Demitasse style DJ music beginning at 9:00pm and NO COVER! * Demitasse
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2009
      Here's what's happening:
      * Houston's Friday Night Swing venue -- Sweet & Sauté Swing!!
      Demitasse style DJ music beginning at 9:00pm and NO COVER!
      * Demitasse will take a special break this Saturday to join NiaMoves!
      * Come to NIAMOVES to see 2009 in with a bang!!
      * Lindyfest 2009 - early registration open!
      * Houston dancing venues and events on PotatoChips and Houston Swing Out
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      Sweet & Sauté Swing
      Houston's Friday Night Swing venue, Sweet & Sauté Swing, will continue
      this Friday but this time with Demitasse style DJ music beginning at
      9:00pm and NO COVER -- Come check out this really nice new venue!!
      * Sauté Restaurant (brought to you by the owners of Té House of Tea) -
      See http://sautebistro.com for their menu and calendar!
      * 2303 Richmond Avenue (in the same parking lot as the Hobbit Cafe -
      map); 713.522.2106.
      * Friday 9pm - 2am (or whenever we fade away)
      * NO COVER -- No $3 for students wih ID
      ~ 15% discount on dinner if you're a Té customer... which of course a
      lot of us are! :D
      * Please join us for dancing, great music by our talented DJs & live
      bands, delicious food and distinctive wines!

      . . . . .
      Demitasse will take a rare special break this Saturday, Januray 3rd,
      to join NIAMOVES and see 2009 in with a bang!
      We'll see you again at Té next week on Saturday, Januray 10th, 2009 ;)
      ~ See all the details just below :)

      . . . . .
      NIAMOVES is happening this Saturday!
      "To end our trial run at Nia Moves, and to see 2009 in with a bang! --
      we are going to have a special NiaMoves on January 3rd! Demitasse was
      kind enough to take a break to let us have our party. We even extended
      an invitation to our West Coast Swing friends to come join the fun so
      the evening will be filled w/ West Coast & Lindy music and everything
      in between. Where would you be on Jan 3rd?" -Patty
      Cover $3 (water & soda $1)
      Address is 3221 Houston - map
      Time is 8p thru Midnight
      See you there! -h:)

      . . . . .
      Lindyfest is coming up now in just a few months... and it's time to
      get early registration pricing!!
      See http://hsds.org for the scoop and register asap!

      Lindyfest registration is officially open for business!!! Check out
      the website http://lindyfest.hsds.org to catch up on all the awesome
      things we've got planned for you this year.
      Dates for 2009 are March 12-15th, 2009.

      Lindyfest is an amazing lindy hop weekend workshop jammed packed with
      classes for all dance levels, soul sessions with living legends, hot
      performances and four endless nights of dancing. Lindyfest brings in
      hundreds of dancers from all across the globe to learn lindy hop from
      the masters and experience the excitement of Lindy Hop, all here in

      HSDS is proud to present our 2009 Lindyfest Instructors:
      Frankie Manning
      Dawn Hampton
      Chazz Young
      Sylvia Sykes
      Nick Williams
      Virginie Jensen
      Steven Mitchell
      Skye Humphries
      Frida Segerdahl
      Max Pitruzzella
      Annie Trudeau
      Peter Strom
      Ramona Staffeld
      Naomi Uyama
      Nina Gilkenson
      Andy Reid
      Mikey Pedroza
      Laura Keat

      Workshop Pricing:
      $139 early registration until January 6th, 2009
      $149 January 7th-February 6th, 2009
      $159 February 7th-March 11th, 2009
      $170 at the door March 12th-15th, 2009
      $109 International rate / Junior rate-18 and under (ID required)

      . . . . .
      If anyone is interested in putting their new dance skills to good use,
      feel free to check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PotatoChips and http://www.houstonswingout.org
      to find dancing venues and events in Houston.

      . . . . . . .
      Please help us out by spreading the word and we look forward to seeing
      you at Taft on Saturday January 17th, 2009 and at Demitasse in the
      meantime (except this Saturday!).

      P.s. Check out HSDS (http://hsds.org) for lessons and dancing from the
      group that for over a decade has been wholly dedicated to keeping
      swing alive in Houston.
      . . . . .
      For updates on our dances and lessons as well as other swing
      highlights, please see
      http://secondcupswing.com or call Hank at 713.702.3138.
      Second Cup Swing ~ "Savour the dance"

      Unsubscribe - I'm delighted to send you updates about the Second Cup
      Swing Dance at Taft St. and other swing info that I'm aware of, but if
      any of you are no longer interested, or are perhaps now on
      Potatochips, then I apologize and if you'll let me know (email me) I'd
      be happy to take you off my list. Hopefully you'll continue to be
      around or want to check us out more again later. thx:)
      . . . . .
      phone: mbl/713.702.3138
      email: hhauffe@...
      Traveler, there is no path.
      Paths are made by walking. ~Antonio Machado

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