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27395RE: [PostCardMailArt] Designated Postcard Day

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  • Sue Balchak
    Aug 31, 2014
      Nancie, like you, I have my address side and some front base fabrics ( in a plastic bin aprox 11x14x6) some are left overs that are the right size and some I've cut in widths of 6in+ but in long strips.  That is why you may notice the same fabrics on the address side.  And I've cut lots of peltex blanks and fusible, in a smaller bin. 

      It is only when I need a special fabric on the front base that I'll use something else.

      I have 2 large gym shoe boxes filled with fussy cut fabrics, some are already fused and others still need some kind of 'glue' to put them on the fabric.

      This goes for Xmas fabrics too, the fused fussy cut fabrics have their very own box.  I another big tin of pre-cut, used greeting cards and xmas embellishments.  If I don't do it this way I can't find what I want.  At least it works for xmas, but the general stuff gets lost in the shuffle and I do a lot of digging around in those shoe boxes, LOL.

      I have a very large bag labeled 'for PCs', it is the smallerleftover pieces that would work on the sides or top/bottom, it contains smaller pieces of novelty prints and some strips/strings.

      amazing all the stuff that we accumulate!

      Warm Quilt Hugs,  Sue in CA


      Subject: [PostCardMailArt] RE: Designated Postcard Day


      I completed 8 postcards yesterday, and I had so much fun! They had all been percolating in my head for a few weeks but most of the work was done yesterday.  But remember, I keep an inventory of pre-cut parts:
      -Peltex blanks, 4.25" x 6.25" --it's easier to store the rectangles.
      -Fusible web, cut 4" x 6" -- it's easier to work with pre-cut sections than to drag out the big roll.
      -Backings in white and solid pastels, 4.25" x 6.25" (I cut up DH's white dress shirts as they wear out.)
      -Pre-fused scraps from other applique projects; they come in handy for little things like eyes or stems.

      I even have a small stack of pre-cut printed backgrounds. I don't go out of my way to make these but whenever I have a scrap of interesting fabric that's about the same size as a postcard, I trim it to 4.25" x 6.25" and set it aside.  I also cut up some of my "ugly" orphan blocks and use them for pieced backgrounds in my postcards.

      I have bags and bags of fabric strings, sorted by color. I use them in string quilts but if I want to frame a postcard, I dig into those bags and come up with all sorts of interesting stuff! ;-)

      So you see, once I have an idea, it's easy to throw things together to complete a number of postcards. I rarely make exactly the same design for the swaps, because I like to play around with ideas.

      I typically save all the edge finishing for last. I set up the machine with a blind-hem foot (the perfect guide!) and I get a good rhythm going.

      --Nancie V in Austin TX

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