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27380Visual coloring - new swap?

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  • babskhg
    Aug 31, 2014

      I've been playing with colors today. So fun!

      I took a class by Joen Wolfrom earlier which called Colorplay for quilters and I bought her book after that. It´s called "Visual coloring". She believes that it is the easiest way to select colors for your quilt. The method she uses is to start from a nature photo, where the colors are already color matched.
      In a nature photo are many colors and shades, so you can choose the one that appeals the most. They will still be color matched. 

      Today I took one of her photos in the book and painted a Mandala, because I didn't want to think about the design. I chose green, yellow and brown colors. Someone else might have chosen to add off-white and blue-purple. See the picture in my Album or if I can manage to insert a link here.


      It struck me that it would be fun to see how others choose colors from the same photo and what you can make of it. The design can of course be optional, and the method (appliqué, patchwork, coloring, beading, etc.) as well.

      Also check the link below for more information on Joen´s blog.

      Would this be an idea for a swap? We could choose a photo with eg fall colors and see how we interpret it in different ways.

      //Barbro in Sweden


      Color: Joen Wolfrom | JWD Publishing Blog


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