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  • Sue Balchak
    May 4, 2014
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      I remember having lots of family living with us for 10 months (9 of us in the house, not counting the cat)  so I know what you are going thru!  My middle daughter and her family (4) said they would only be with us for a few months, they moved in end of Sept I think and I figured the soonest would be January after the holidays, they moved the end of July after they finally found a house to rent (they outgrew their condo and rented it out)  My youngest and her 2 kids lived with us for several years and just happened to move out about the same time within a week or 2.  Then we had the house to ourselves, going from doing several loads of laundry each day to once a week.

      Hope you, your daughter and the pets enjoy this time together.

      Wow, I forget that we are opposite weather wise.  We are now going into hot weather while you are cooling down, I think our spring has already morphed to summer temps, tho not as hot as the 100+ yet.

      We have been prepping the whole inside of the house to be painted tomorrow, having to remove stuff from all the walls, moving furniture to the center of the rooms.  And I've been cleaning while doing that, wiping down the baseboards etc cuz I don't know if the painters paint over dust/dirt or clean it up, hubby says it is like cleaning the house b4 the cleaning ladies arrive, LOL.  Never had a cleaning lady but think I would do that too!

      So, I don't know how much time I'll have on the computer or in my sewing room ... The painters come and tape down plastic everywhere and cover everything in plastic (computers, beds, EVERYTHING) ... they told us we might want to spend 1-2 nights in a hotel to get away from paint fumes, don't know if we'll do that or not.  Hubby is going to tell them to do the kitchen first and the computer room and our master bedroom ... but we don't know if they 'plastic wrap' all the rooms b4 starting to paint.. we'll find out

      Warm Quilt Hugs,  Sue in CA


      Subject: Re: [PostCardMailArt] Welcome new member Sandra


      Seems like we have had more than a handful of new members join since I last was active: A warm welcome to you all, and I hope we get to swap in the near future.
      For those that know me, my daughter and two dogs made a successful move from her former home to mine, and Sam is slowly adapting to having two big dogs in HIS home.
      We all have a heap of adjustment ahead of us as it looks like Colleen may be here for at least six months.
      My sewing room has degenerated into a general junk/storage room and as yet I haven't got the mojo to tackle it.
      I hope that by now you are all enjoying Spring.... here, Winter has snuck in: the beginning of last week day temps were still around 29 to 31 degree C. Over the weekend the minima was 7 degree C and maximum 17 C.quite a sudden change



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