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24297what is the right term? linens?

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  • Sue Balchak
    Nov 5 2:34 PM
      While trying to organize my sewing room I came across a pillowcase of laundered 'linens' that I forgot that I had ... probably from my grandmother/great grandmother .. many are crocheted items probably used on dresser tops etc, some are damaged, some are in great shape.  I started pressing them, wow how did women do this years ago, it takes so much time and I think lots of them need to be pinned down to get to the correct shape cuz just taking an iron to them doesn't make them 'perfect' ... I know a good soaking in starch might help but here in the high desert of CA, starch would invite silver fish etc and don't want that.

      anyway ... are these items called 'linens' or is there a better name for them?  I'll take a couple pix to post to let you see what I mean.

      Some are old handkerchiefs with beautiful stitching in the corners. I was thinking that they would look lovely on PCs but hate to think of cutting them apart.  they might look lovely framed, and several years ago we had a guest speaker at guild who turned them into beautiful quilts but I know I would never get around to using them that way.

      I know that some people that I've swapped PCs with in the past liked to go to thrift stores in search of these kinds of items to use on their PCs, and they were lovely.

      Do any of you have these kinds of 'linens' and what do you do with them?

      Warm Quilt Hugs,  Sue in CA


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