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24296RE: [PostCardMailArt] Stamps inside cello envelope

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  • Sue Balchak
    Nov 5, 2013
      Nancie it is wonderful that you and Bruce have this PO friendship and conversations!  I sure hope that his postmaster and Beverly's postmaster get this 'stamp' situation settled ... it will be educating for her PO.  Wonder if they have 'meetings' to update their employees of these kinds of issues.

      YAY Beverly ... you might get this cello envelope/stamp situation fixed soon ... so hurry with the info for Nancie to pass on to Bruce.  I'm excited to hear from you how this works out.

      Warm Quilt Hugs,  Sue in CA


      Subject: RE: RE: [PostCardMailArt] Stamps inside cello envelope


      I've mentioned my 'friend' at my USPS branch before; his name is Bruce and he takes care of all my fabric postcards and my PaperbackSwap.com books. We have quite a conversation every time I go in! Today I mentioned that one of my postcard buddies is having trouble getting her local P.O. to cancel a stamp inside a cello envelope. Bruce replied, "Then they don't know the rules!" ...and that this is the proper way of handling philatelic items. Bruce asked for name of the P.O. so that his postmaster could communicate with that postmaster about the problem.
      So, Beverly-- what is the name of your P.O. branch, and city, state?
      BTW, I mentioned Maximum Cards to Bruce and he was very excited. He has done a bunch of First Day Issues and seems to be aware of a lot of philatelic stuff (including the existence of a local philatelic society...who knew?) but he hadn't heard of Maximum Cards. Thank you, Julie, for introducing us to this fascinating subject!
      --Nancie V in Austin TX
      Beverly wrote: 
      I gave them the postcards and ask them to cancel the stamp so that I could put it in the cello envelope. They didn't want to do that. They wanted the stamps outside the envelope. I'll take one of the cards in the cello and show them. Don't know if it will help though. :-)


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