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23476RE: swaps with descriptions, many closing soon

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  • joanlane56
    Sep 13, 2013

      Can I sign up for "Watercolors"?  If I can please add my name: Joan Lane, 6587 SW 179th Ave Rd., Dunnellon, FL 34432  - Also, how do I get the list of participants and addresses?  Thanks so much for posting the swaps as I was so confused!!!

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      With so many Yahoo changes, and not being able to see a full description in the database, I'm taking this opportunity to share.  Also, my apologies for changing some of the close dates and mail-by dates, many closing close together etc.  I am sure your partners will understand if you do not get PCs mailed exactly on time.  Just be courteous and post message saying they are delayed.  Thank YOU ... sue in CA

      open swaps now ...

      Watercolors ...
      Sign up by September 13/ Mail by September 27  ... do you have any fabrics that represent watercolors?  Maybe do some painting of your own fabrics to appear like watercolors.  Create a 4x6 fabric PostCard using 'watercolors' as a theme ... be creative have FUN  Partners will be in groups of 3 or 4  

      Zentangle Doodle ...
      sign up by Sept 13th, mail by Oct 4th   .... create a Zentangle on your 4x6 PC, high contrast of thread and base fabric.  you can check YouTube for Zentangles to get ideas ... usually it is done ink on paper but we will be doing them with our free motion sewing on fabric.  Past swaps can be seen here : http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PostCardMailArt/photos/albums/1022941050

      Netting Swap ...
      sign up by Sept 20th, Mail by Sept 27th ... create a standard 4x6 PC, any theme, but use the netting that produce comes in (onions, garlic, avocados etc, usually a plastic net) somewhere on the PC or completely cover your design with the net ... Partners will be in groups of 3 or 4

      A is for ... sign up by Sept. 13th mail by Oct 4th ... the Alphabet continues A - Z ... Create a 4x6 PC that represents the letter A ... Apple, Artichoke, Angel, Avocado ... any A of your Choice.  Here is a good opportunity to begin to make and collect PCs with the alphabet.  Partners will be in groups of 3 or 4

      SEPTEMBER LOTTERY - PHOTO BY 30 SEPT   ...  Create a standard 4x6 PC, your choice of theme and technique to be submitted to the lottery for the chance to win ALL PCs created for the lottery.  Post a photo for all to see and be excited to win.  Winner will be drawn by last months winner on Oct 1st.  All PCs to be mailed to the winner within 7 days.

      WILL YOU SWAP WITH ME?   ... WYSWM is a 1 to 1 swap.  Theme and date for mailing is your choice.  Post message or send email to group with WYSWM in subject line and description in your message.  (go to database and click on this one to see how it is done)  You may enter your name in response to swap with someone else too ...
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