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1581Sarah and grandbaby

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  • Deb Poole
    Feb 1, 2009
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      Sarah, I just got back home today from visiting my granddaughter for
      the first time. She turned 6 weeks old yesterday. It was amazing to
      look into that sweet face. She smiled every time i talked to her. (i
      know it was gas but im still saying it was grandma's voice)
      Dave and i fought over who was going to change her dirty diapers. Our
      son laughed at us most of the time. Our daughter in law was not that
      happy with us to say the least. She was feeling like we were taking
      over her baby. And she was right!
      I talked to her and my son weeks before we came for our visit. They
      told us that they wanted us to hold the baby all we wanted but I guess
      she changed her mind. lol But we didnt change our minds. (Bigger lol)
      I wont see "my little sweetheart" for 6 months. She is going to change
      so much.
      Sarah, you are so lucky to live so close to your daughter. I am so
      envious of you. Being a grandma is the BEST feeling since i gave birth
      to my granddaughters daddy!
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