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13062[PostCardMailArt] Re: Winner of the September Lottery is......

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  • Sue Balchak
    Oct 2, 2011
      Hi Ladies, you are SO funny!  First, congrats to Maureen .... I will send your PC tomorrow...

      Gee, it really is easy to just write the names down, doesn't matter the order, number the names and ask hubby to 'think' of a number ... at least that is what I did.  But regardless, it all worked out and we have a winner.

      Nancie, I was gone all day yesterday too and this morning late I wondered if you might have also been away for the weekend and might not have seen my messg.  I figured I'd have my hubby pick the winner again if there wasn't one 'in the news' so to speak.

      SO ... next month Maureen, mark your calendar cuz YOU will be picking the lottery winner.

      Warm Quilt Hugs,  Sue


      Subject: [PostCardMailArt] Re: Winner of the September Lottery is......

      Oh well, Maureen was 4th in line, one way of another, and she won.

      (This job of Winner is harder than it looks! LOL)

      --Nancie V in Austin TX

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