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Inspired Affirmations - I Reach High

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  • Sandy Lee Jones
    Good Morning/Afternoon :) I m a mother and intuitive, and i write/record affirmations and meditations that come through to me to share as well as writing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2008
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      Good Morning/Afternoon :)

      I'm a mother and intuitive, and i write/record affirmations and
      meditations that come through to me to share as well as writing
      personal ones for people. This one is about reaching for the highest
      for ourselves.

      With Love,

      (Audio version available at http://www.lulu.com/content/3004617)

      I accept the best for myself. I reach high beyond my wildest imaginings.
      I know instinctively that my life is destined for great things.

      My highest vision for myself is already apart of my life. The act of
      my imagining is simply remembering from within my soul. I envisioned
      this before my birth. It is unfolding beautifully, divinely, effortlessly.

      I am always perfectly guided to the opportunities I need for my
      journey. Every step of my journey is significant. My being loves to
      grow, transform and discover more of itself.

      I have all the resources and tools within me to achieve anything I
      desire. Any skills I need are fine tuned when I'm ready to use them.
      My heart and inspired mind guides me in each moment.

      Every choice I make leads me towards my goals. I can move forward
      confidently and powerfully trusting in my choices and my divine
      guidance. The choices I make are just right for me. I allow others to
      make choices for them. As we stand in our own power, and take care of
      our being, we are in harmony with each other.

      It is safe for me to stand out, to be all that I am. My words and my
      voice are important. I allow myself to speak, to share my loving
      messages. I know that my words are always heard in the way they are
      intended. I listen to the highest in all, and it is such a joy to
      consciously communicate on a higher level.

      I place my attention on things that uplift me and keep me reaching
      high. My inspiration coach within me maintains my wellbeing. It
      reminding me of when I need rest, when I need to take action, when it
      is time to see things from another angle.

      Every challenge along the way has shown me more of what I want, and
      allowed me to release that which I do not. I have so much gratitude
      for discovering what I need for me.

      My thoughts of myself soar to greater heights every day. As I remember
      my part of creation, and my role on the earth I am at peace in my
      body. There is power in my shining light, and in my loving gestures. I
      inspire and uplift all I meet, just being who I am.

      I give myself lots of rest, time to fully relax. I have time to play
      and have fun with my loved ones. These moments maintain my vibration
      to stay high to keep my mind free and my body healthy and feeling good.

      I reach for feelings that best serve me and give me an abundance of
      energy. I cherish feelings that take me to low space, they show me how
      much impact it has on my life- with incredible incentive to choose
      higher thoughts. My inner coach becomes my motivator now instead of
      those contrasting thoughts.

      Any time I see another expressing what they don't want I simply
      embrace them for who they are. A divine loving creation, a gift from
      god. I can look in the eyes of another and know that they are just
      like me and they too are remembering how to reach high at their own
      perfect pace.

      I am my own support system. I draw my strength, my courage, my
      motivation from within me to live my highest vision. My closest
      dearest friends support my vision as I do theirs, and I am grateful to
      have such divine friendships.

      It is easy for me to feel good. It is fun to live my life. I have all
      the time in the world.

      I receive great blessings that the Universe sends every day just by
      waking up and reaching out my arms and accepting that

      I AM WORTHY. I am worthy. I am truly worthy.

      I reach high, accept high, live high. I let every aspect of my life be
      set to the highest most joyous vibration.

      I am abundant, I am limitless, I'm the creator of my life.

      © Sandy Lee Jones, 2008
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