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New to the Group~ Happy Holidays!

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  • stacyforbes
    Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am new to the group and my name is Stacy. I am pleased to be a member and sincerely appreciate being here. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007

      Please allow me to introduce myself. I am new to the group and my name is Stacy.
      I am pleased to be a member and sincerely appreciate being here.

      I sincerely hope I am not breaking any group policies by posting about another group
      and hope considering the holidays are coming that you might make an exception. The
      of the group I belong to do not know I am doing this.

      The group is called "Dedication To David." The individual with whom this group is honored
      for is NOT
      aware of this just yet. It will be a surprise for Christmas. David would do just about
      anything for anybody;
      and is truly someone you can count on in a time of need. Unfortunately, after his father
      passed away a
      few months ago; David's health has steadily declined and the doctors honestly don't know
      how much
      time he has left. As of know, I would like to think his actual condition could remain private
      until those
      interested in joining this group could find out more specific details there.

      I believe that having several members to support him would GREATLY lift his spirits and
      give him faith and encouragement in the difficult days ahead.

      This is a multi-entertainment theme group with the focus on several celebrities, as well as
      those celebrities
      that David enjoys. As the New Year comes in, we will have contests and many benefits of
      becoming a member.
      Hundreds of photos have already been added with many more surprises to come.

      This group is also sponsored by official health support as well as some charities to better
      enhance our
      environment and thrives to make this world a better place.

      Again, I typically would not be the kind of person to actively promote or spam anything, I
      just strongly feel that
      this is a kind and thoughtful gesture to simply make the holidays a more cheerful one for
      a fellow friend.

      If you get a chance, please feel free to check it out at:



      *NEW OFFICIAL SITE FOCUSED ON The Latest Entertainment!*

      As well as Classic Television including from the 70's & 80's such hits as Charlie's Angels,
      TJ Hooker, Dynasty... Recent Films "High School Musical"- the modern day "Grease,"
      "Hairspray," & Many more added soon!

      If you enjoy the music of Olivia Newton-John, or the talents of such icons as Heather
      Locklear, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Zac Efron, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Angelina
      Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Cheryl Ladd,
      Suzanne Somers, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Victoria Principal, Loni Anderson, Demi Moore,
      Kate Winslet, Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, Joan Collins & MUCH MORE! Sports & hockey
      such as the Wolfpack! Please help join me in celebrating a true icon, legend, and up and
      rising star... the infinite wonder and everlasting appeal that David Birden will soon be
      sharing with the world!

      Discover a World of Everlasting Entertainment- A Cutting-Edge Classic Cliffhanger:
      Celebrating Style with a circle of STARS!

      Presenting our creative insight on the illustrious careers of our favorites in Film &

      Members will be Mesmerized by a miracle-montage of Musical Melodies: Magnified in a
      Fun-Fireworks Frenzy! Featuring The Top "A" List of Prestigious Peers- LIVE Interaction
      with personal conferences, enjoying the extra bonus benefits of our special Solid Gold
      Showcase, headliner features & Coming Attractions! Including Contests, Games, Photos,
      Polls, and Rare Video/Souvenir Offers!

      Sparks fly and the Spotlight is on US- as we stroll along the Red Carpet with Behind The
      Scenes Studio VIP access- Up Close Celebrity Star Treatment: Hollywood Style! Relax,
      Indulge and Spoil yourself within our On Location Website, Let the lights, camera- & action
      dazzle you to unite fans & friends into a Sneak Peak of The Elite, The Legend, The Epic
      Journey... Stay tuned as the plot thickens & the story unfolds- for a friend & awesome
      guy- David Birden from Connecticut! Cheers!

      Take Care & God Bless,
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