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  • pc shukla
    ... From: shailesh shah Date: 04/01/06 19:29:36 To: pcshukla@sify.com Subject: Fwd: [ Future of India ] File - E-mail Etiquette Guide Dear Shuklaji, This
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      Date: 04/01/06 19:29:36
      Subject: Fwd: [ Future of India ] File - E-mail Etiquette Guide
      Dear Shuklaji,
      This information in part/full is worth sharing with our group. shailesh

      future-of-india@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      From: future-of-india@yahoogroups.com
      To: future-of-india@yahoogroups.com
      Date: 1 Apr 2006 10:45:06 -0000
      Subject: [ Future of India ] File - E-mail Etiquette Guide

      FUTURE OF INDIA group - E-mail Etiquette Guide

      1. Be considerate.  Too much information in one message is a burden on

      2. Keep your discussions focused.  If a new topic is introduced, it
      should be under a separate message.

      3. Always include a clear and unique subject heading.  This allows for
      easy filing, cataloguing, cross-referencing and retrieval.

      4. Consider the layout of your message.  Use short lines and
      paragraphs, and/or point form.  Also, use correct grammar and spell check
      your message before sending.

      5. Include English translations if having to use any Indian words in
      consideration of global members.

      6. Do not write with uppercase letters only, and limit your use of
      exclamation marks. Recipients may consider this as shouting and uppercase
      letters are difficult to read.

      7. Remember that you may be sending e-mail to readers with varying
      levels of expertise. Some of your readers may not understand terminology
      that is familiar to you.

      8. Send carbon copies to others who may be affected by your message or
      who may have information or suggestions to add (if applicaple).

      9. Put in double quotes text that is not your own. Alterations of a text could
      confuse the original meaning and embarrass the author.

      10. Respond to any of your personal e-mail messages within the group as quickly as possible. Wherer appropriate, send an acknowledgment to let your sender know if your answer will require a few days. If you are the sender, allow sufficient time for the respondent to research and formulate a response.  Trivial responses, where it is not necessary to reply to an e-mail message, should be avoided.

      11. If you are sending information from another source, pay attention to
      whether the material is copyrighted.  Copyright laws apply to e-mail as well
      as to printed media.  Copyright criteria will identify any restrictions on
      the use of the information such as whether you may copy it or for which
      purposes you may use it.

      12. Don't cry wolf!  Mark e-mail as urgent only when urgent.

      13. Don't forward another's personal e-mail to others without that
      individual's permission.

      14. Assume the messages you send and receive are permanent; therefore,
      don't say anything in an e-mail that you might not want to be made public or
      forwarded to others.

      15. Use sarcasm and humour with care as they can easily be misinterpreted.

      16. Don't say anything to anyone through e-mail that you wouldn't say
      face-to-face. Using abusive or offensive language in e-mail is

      17. Avoid public "flames", that is, messages sent in anger.  Messages
      sent in the heat of the moment generally only exacerbate the situation and
      are usually regretted later.

      18. Be aware that e-mail works through shared technology.  If
      confidentiality and privacy are required, use a more appropriate
      communication method until such time as proper security features can be

      19. If the document is meant to be read only through e-mail, avoid the
      use of file attachments.  Putting your message in an attachment adds
      unnecessary bulk to the e-mail and makes it more difficult and time
      consuming to read the message.  Instead, use text in the body of the

      20. If writing a long e-mail or replying to a long e-mail, consider
      highlighting pertinent content, including any relevant forwarded content.  This will make it easier for the recipient to find and recognize important and referenced information.

      21. When writing a private individual email to a group member, click on their
      personal email address, remebering to request a private response.
      All the above ettiquette should be applied to individual member email
      interactions as well, to maintain the integrity of the group forum.

      23. Please refrain from condeming, revolting words, derogatory or anti-india

      24. Common news report extracts, with no personal analysis are discouraged. Personal opionions are highly valued.  Pertinent and relevant news flashes

      25. Ideally write briefly and originally, keeping the charter of the Forum in

      Your participation, contibutions, and cooperation in these matters are


      Shailesh B. Shah
      Insurance Surveyor and Loss Assessor/ Valuer
      ISO 9001:2000 LEAD AUDITOR 
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      Landline: +91 265 2464329
      Address: "Satya Sudha" 37 Ashutosh Society,
      Behind Utkarsh Petrol Pump, Karelibaug,

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