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Fw: Future of India in hands of KALKI AVATAR

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    A note on Future of India in hands of KALKI AVATAR attached. ashok ghai Dear Friends, Some persons are skeptical that the earth was not destroyed on
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      A note on 'Future of India in hands of KALKI AVATAR' attached.
      ashok ghai

      Dear Friends,

      Some persons are skeptical that the earth was not destroyed on 21-12-12. I had written in an article published in Hindustan Times on 18-12-2012 that 21-12-12 is not end of world but a new chapter to be opened. I had written in my book FATE OF THE WORLD: BEYOND 2012 that before 21-12-12 there would be earthquakes and natural disaster in the area west of India. Between November and December 2012 there were more than 1000 earthquakes of over 3.5 Richter scale; mostly in west of India. I had also forecast major disasters in east of India after 1-1-13 up to end of 2013. Two days back a major earthquake on 5.9 scale has occurred in North East of India and Burma. These are initial warnings, and if the humanity does not adopt the COSMIC PLAN told by the divine powers, much is going to happen in 2013. A note is given below.




      Is the Tenth Incarnation of LORD VISHNU going to take over

      The throne of Delhi by end of 2013?


      This has been described by Nostradamus. This has been described in SRIMADBHAGWAT and KALKI PURAN, and also confirmed in ancient scriptures of almost all religions.

      Nostradamus, who was guided by a cosmic power, had written in his prophecy 2/19:

      For nine years the thin man will keep a peaceful rule,

      Then he will fall into such a bloody thirst,

      That a great people shall die without faith or law,

      Killed by a much better natured man.


      If we examine all the rulers of big countries who ruled after these prophecies were written, hardly we will find a ruler thinner than our P.M. Dr. Manmohan Singh. Moreover, when we try to decode an ancient prophecy, we look for possibilities and the warnings given by the God through these prophecies. Famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton had said :

      God gave the prophecies, not to gratify men's curiosity by enabling them to fore know things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event, and His own providence, not the interpreters, be thereby manifested to the world.

      Here ‘providence’ means what has been provided to us by the God. In other words the God, through such prophecies, guides us about our future so that we may be guided to do what HE wants us to do. If the abovementioned prophecy is about our present P.M.; he is destined to have a peaceful rule for nine years. His nine years end in May 2013; he may rule for few more months. Then he will fall into such a bloody thirst of someone that a great number of people would die in his country. This may mean that he would fall in a trap of someone’s thirst and would have to relinquish his post. The circumstances, thereafter, would take such a turn that many such people shall die who would not have faith in law.

      After all that, the person / persons responsible for this turmoil would be killed by a much better natured (noble) man. Is this noble man the ‘Tenth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu’ who has been described in SRIMADBHAGWAT as KLAKI AVATAR? According to this scripture, his presence would be known to everyone by 27th July 2014 (conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in Cancer). Let us examine it through another prophecy of Nostradamus (cen. 6,Q-24):

      Mars and the Scepter will be found conjoined
      Under Cancer there will be a calamitous war:
      Shortly afterwards a new King will be anointed,
      One who for a long time will pacify the earth.

      One who for a long time will pacify the earth can only be the said incarnation or the ruler who was designated by the God for this purpose. He has been described as MAITREYA in Buddhist scriptures and as RIDER OF WHITE HORSE in Christian scriptures.

      Ashok Ghai, convener of Kalki Vichar Manch (KVM), a Kanpur based study group carrying on extensive research on this aspect since more than thirty years, have now contacted leading astrologers of India for confirmation; many have agreed.

      Mr. Vyapak Lodha, a leading astrologer of Gujarat who had appeared on more than hundred TV interviews and had written numerous articles, recently appeared on a TV interview along with Ashok Ghai conducted by TV -9 at Ahmedabad. He fully agreed with the research of KVM.

      Some producers of Bollywod are also keen on the subject. Mr. Mahesh Singh Adhikari, a reputed film maker, have entrusted the job of preparing a script regarding the research of Kanpur group to their subsidiary company PIXEL MAZIK. In an e-mail to Mr. Vyapak Lodha, the company has written that they are very much excited by the project. They have already acquired the book FATE OF THE WORLD BEYOND 2012, authored by Ashok Ghai, and have asked for various scriptures, details of Ashok Ghai’s predictions made in press conferences and interviews, and views of other scientists and astrologers.

      Pandit Jugal Kishore Joshi, son of legendry astrologer Pandit Haveli Ram, has also undertaken this research through the horoscope of Ashok Ghai. Pt. Haveli Ram, who initially practiced astrology in JAMMU, was consulted by the mother of Maharaja Hari Singh, ruler of J & K, regarding the family status of His son. At that that time the Maharaja had no heir to his throne. Panditji, after consulting an ancient scripture ARUN (SOORYA) SAMHITA, told that the present Maharani would not be able to deliver the heir for the throne of J&K. He therefore, advised the King to remarry. Initially, the king refused, but when Panditji confirmed the details form the ancient scripture including that he was destined to marry a girl of a poor family who would bear him a son, he agreed. 

      Ten months after the marriage a son was born to the new Rani, who was named Karan Singh by Panditji. He later became Yuvraj and Sadare-e- Riyasat of J&K after India acquired freedom. Pt. Jugal Joshi, while speaking to Ashok Ghai, told that his father did not have a bi-cycle at that time, but was presented a car by mother of the King. Panditji became famous worldwide, and moved to Delhi. Shashi Tharoor, in his book on Pandit Nehru, had confirmed that Panditji made accurate predictions about Pandit Nehru.

       Pt. Jugal Joshi was surprised to know from Ashok Ghai that his father had made a strange prediction about forty years back – there would be great turmoil in Delhi in 2012. Ghai wrote about this prediction in his book, and when the prediction came true in December 2012 through an unprecedented volcanic eruption of people in the rape case, a reader from Hyderabad phoned Ghai and told the whereabouts of Pt. Jugal Joshi, the son of Pt.Haveli Ram. Ghai contacted him and told him about his research. It seemed to him that this prediction was made to guide his group, otherwise, what was the sense of this prediction being made forty years back? Joshi Ji still possesses the legendry ARUN SAMHITA and is consulted by politicians, film stars and other luminaries.

       When he came to know that this was about the research regarding the Tenth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he agreed for the study without any charges.

      The strangest observation, however, came from Pt. Bhagwan Das, a pursuer of famous LAL KITAB. According to his analysis also, Manmohan Singh was destined to rule for nine years, and this period is ending in 2013. After that, the throne of Delhi, as predicted in our scriptures and also by Nostradamus, would be acquired by a representative of God who would bring a lasting peace in the world. His observation matched that of Nostradamus which he had written his prediction (Cen. 6, Q-24). This event would occur at the time of Mars conjuncting Jupiter in cancer.

      Nostradamus used Sayan Ephimeris, basing on which this planetary position occurs in July 2013. According to the analysis of Ghai’s group, these informations were given to Nostradamus by none other than Lord Parasuram, the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu in human form.  Nostradamus had written that he was guided in making predictions by a ‘Divine Genius’.  This was to tell the people about the impending change order in the world, for which the humanity must prepare themselves.


      These prophecies can guide us in order to avoid the possible disasters. For this the mankind would have to adopt the cosmic plan give by a cosmic power as published on page 78 of the September issue of Express Star Teller, and also detailed in the book A COSMIC PLAN TO SAVE THE HUMANITY authored by Ashok Ghai.


      It would not be out of the place to mention that, perhaps, an article of Ashok Ghai ‘GUIDELINES BY NOSTRADAMUS ON INDO-PAK WAR’ published as a cover story in July 2002 issue of Express Star Teller (a magazine of Indian Express Group)saved India and Pakistan from a disastrous war in 2002. A copy of this article was sent directly to the then Prime Minister of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In this article it was described through interpretation of a Nostradamus Prophecy that India should avoid a war with Pakistan for a full cycle of Jupiter i.e. up to 2014.


      When the Indian Army, after marching towards Pakistan in Jodhpur Sector, was suddenly called back, and in fact all the army units were called back to barracks, almost every newspaper carried the story that perhaps the prophecy of Nostradamus saved the lives of millions, because later it was revealed by Gen. Musharraf that the possibility of the war ended after his threat to nuke India. When Ashok Ghai described this eventuality in an astrological conference at Kanpur, Mr. Kalraj Misra, a close associate of Mr. A. B. Vajpayee was present as chief guest. He then and there confirmed that the decision to with draw the army was also guided, among other factors, by the astrological advice. This story was published next day in TIMES OF INDIA and HINDUSTAN TIMES, and Ghai was later interviewed by DOORDARSHAN in their regular news bulletin.


      Le us hope that these prophecies, which are direct indications from the cosmic powers, would again help us in avoiding/ minimizing the calamities. Veera Brahmendra Swami, a saint born about 600 – 700 years back in today’s Andhra Pradesh had declared that he was the Kalki Avatar, and he would again be born as Kalki Avatar when the time comes. He had given a mantra that is given below, and had declared that whosoever recites his mantra 12000 times would get his protection and ‘darshan’. I recited his mantra, and a picture appeared by itself on a piece of paper put in my ‘pooja place’. This picture contained a picture of Lord Krishna, and two pictures of a Swami. In one picture he is normal, and in the other he is very very angry. Probably the normal picture shows him as he appeared when he came earlier, and the other picture shows his anger on today’s situation. It is recalled that few months back tears started rolling out from the statue of Brahmendra Swami in his temple in Andhra Pradesh. All this indicates that time for his reappearance as KALKI AVATAR has come.

      The Mantra:





      Phone nos. of :

      Shri Vyapak Lodha (Ahmedabad): 91-9825066346

      Mr. Hardik Bhatt (Ahmedabad): The reporter of TV-9, who took interview of Ashok Ghai & Vyapak Lodha 91-9909973193

      Dhingra Publishing House (Delhi): Publishers of FATE OF THE WORLD: BEYOND 2012 and A COSMIC PLAN TO SAVE THE HUMANITY ; e-mail  : dphbooks@...;   M: 91-9810520818

      Ashok Ghai (Kanpur): 91-8460013250,9838713250




      ashok ghai
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