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Giving thanks to unsung heroes (Superconsciuosness)

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  • Arhata Osho
    Giving thanks to unsung heroes Giving thanks to unsung heroes An open letter to firefighters, police, paramedics, ER doctors, nurses and other civil servants
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2012

      Giving thanks to unsung heroes

      unsung heroes, firefighters, police, nurses, paramedics

      Giving thanks to unsung heroes

      An open letter to firefighters, police, paramedics, ER doctors, nurses and other civil servants and social workers

      As hard as I work and as much as I try to pitch in to help improve life on planet Earth, there are several jobs it would be impossible for me to do. At this season of giving thanks, I would like to express my appreciation to those who can and do perform these difficult tasks, day in and day out, often for little pay and even less recognition. These are frequently the jobs that few want and that are taken by those who must truly feel a calling. I'm talking about occupations that are not only dangerous but also traumatizing, gory, gross and scary, like:

      • Firefighters, police and paramedics - the "first responders" who deal with emergencies and the aftermaths of accidents and crimes. Without thinking of themselves, these selfless individuals jump into hazardous and gruesome scenes for the sake of others. These are jobs I personally could not stomach, so THANK YOU to all who do them. And thanks to the people who clean up these horrible scenes of destruction as well - more unsung heroes. Many of us are oblivious to just how much work it requires to keep our infrastructure going.
      • Emergency room doctors, nurses and staff - you who go to work every day to make sure someone is available for the suffering and dying. I can't imagine what you have seen - I'm too squeamish for such a job, so THANK YOU. Again, thanks also to the people who administer and clean up hospitals as well - another difficult occupation.
      • Prison guards, mental institution doctors and staff, hospice workers, coroners and undertakers - all very tough jobs I could not do but without which society absolutely could not function. I frankly do not know how you do it, but THANK YOU.
      • Military personnel, especially the rank-and-file soldiers - many of us are "antiwar" and take our freedoms for granted, so THANK YOU for risking your lives to protect those freedoms.
      • Sanitation and social workers - to you who also contribute to holding together our infrastructure,  THANK YOU.
      • Farmworkers, truck drivers and railroad workers - to all who work so hard to keep food on our tables, THANK YOU.
      • Teachers and school staff - especially those in inner city public schools and who work with "special needs" children. You are often poorly paid and function by the incentive of love and caring. For your dedication to our most precious treasures, THANK YOU.

      To all those not mentioned here who also do society's difficult and dirty work, THANK YOU.


      D.M. Murdock
      Citizen of the United States of America

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