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Fw: Flight of a Woman

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  • Arhata Osho
    Flight of a Woman August 24, 2010 The conscious, evolved woman is a divine teacher of love. She no longer is the ‘breakaway’ feminist revolting against
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2010
    Flight of a Woman
    Rise of the Phoenix. by Model Career
    August 24, 2010
    The conscious, evolved woman is a divine teacher of love. She no longer is the ‘breakaway’ feminist revolting against centuries of abuse as little more than ‘chattel’ for men. In the 1960-70’s she denied love in search of independence and her rights as an equal human. Now her revolt is more wisely converted into a ‘conscious being’ focusing increasingly on her own healthy self love as well as being a teacher of love both to children and often to a partner including human kind in general.

    In the past, cultures and religions worldwide, coupled with ‘survival living’ that included none of the 20th and 21st centuries comfort technologies, had relegated females to a subservient role. The ‘breakaway’ from the deep programming, and fears of finding individual independence while finding the elusive love of another has created a conundrum of frustration for females searching out a healthy holistic life in harmony with inner expectations.

    Females need to see that now is the time for them to flower. One of Buddha’s last utterances was ‘Be a light unto yourself’, meaning surrender to life, then you become ‘enlightened’. Stop following anyone, and clinging to someone, but at the same time recognize that you are interdependent on others for love to blossom like never before. Trust yourself, existence, and be with someone who engenders that flowering. Be open, vulnerable, and also let it manifest in communication.

    Go beyond believing, it’s not enough.  Search for yourself while finding the space of trust. Another’s words, no matter how brilliant, are only their’s, and not yours. They won’t help without having the experience of those words, and feeling them deeply. Shortcuts are elusive. Each must find their own way. When as a couple, each must seek truth and communicate all experiences in that search with each other to create a deep love bond that goes beyond trust. Love is a light that shines brightest with awareness, sensitivity, and communication. Love is freedom. Humans, whether male or female have missed ‘freedom and love’ down the ages. It’s the best time right now to meet, and enjoy both. Hurry - life is short, but take time to smell the roses!



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