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Re: Raphael's transom repair

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  • raphael.belisson
    Hi. I waited 24 hours before folding the boat after the repair, to give time enough to the glue to stick. Looks OK now, but needs to be tried live. The fishs I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2013
      I waited 24 hours before folding the boat after the repair, to give time enough to the glue to stick. Looks OK now, but needs to be tried live.

      The fishs I am chasing are named 'Silures' in French, or 'Wels Catfishs'. They all come initially from central Europe (Danube river), but there are now huge populations in France, Spain and Italy, as some specimens arrived ther by accident 30 or 40 years ago.
      They live in fresh water, and can grow quite big : 250 pounders have been caught, and we imagine the bigger ones could certainly push 300.

      My personnal best is (estimated) 210 pounds and can be seen in the same folder. Unfortunately there is no portabote in the background of the picture, but it was caught also from the bote, and after about 1 hour of hard fight.

      --- In PortaBote@yahoogroups.com, "raphael.belisson" <raphael.belisson@...> wrote:
      > Hey.
      > Thanks for your comment on the repair.
      > I've uploaded newer pictures in this folder :
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PortaBote/photos/album/1935322041/pic/list
      > This is a copy of the various pictures we have exchanged with Sandy (from Portabote), while he was driving me through the repair steps. (As English is not my mother tongue, exchanging pictures is easier for me when it gets too much technical)
      > Actually I am using a 5HP 2 strokes Tohatsu engine. As you can see on the pictures, it has a kind of "Aluminium spoilers" on the shaft. Something to prevent cavitation, or something like that.
      > Anyhow, as you can see on the picture 'engine spoiler', this spoiler hits the back of the boat exactly where the crack happened.
      > Also, with the kind of fishing I am interested in, I am using a lot the "reverse" position of the engine : I have to move the boat backward to avoid fishing-line getting trapped in the engine when moving.
      > This puts the spoiler and the boat "in contact".
      > I guess this happened since I bought the boat 7 years ago, but I never noticed. (As long as everything goes well...)
      > On the picture 'Engine spoiler 2', you can see that the spoiler has been severely damaged by the boat.
      > In parallel of fixing the boat issue, I also repaired the spoiler (see the picture "engine spoiler repaired"). This was easy : filing, painting, done.
      > Both the boat and the engine look better now.
      > I will try them together within 2 weeks or so, and let you know.
      > Raphael
      > "French fisherman"
      > --- In PortaBote@yahoogroups.com, "Matthew" <matthewrs@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey Raphael.I just saw the pictures that you uploaded.It looks like you
      > > did a good job.Were you able to determine the cause of the problem?Any
      > > information could be helpful so that it doesn't happen to us although I
      > > haven't seen a lot of this problem on the forum.As I said before, it was
      > > good of Sandy to send you the stuff to repair it.I hope it holds up for
      > > you.How long did it take for the tape and glue to set?Also what type of
      > > fish were those that you caught?They looked like a catfish of some
      > > kind.Cheers from the Land Down Under,Matt
      > >
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