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Re: Need advice for older PB

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  • techmoose99
    Hi Rich, The problem you are having doesn t have anything to do with how you ve been setting up your bote and I m not aware of it happenening on newer botes.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2007
      Hi Rich,

      The problem you are having doesn't have anything to do with how
      you've been setting up your bote and I'm not aware of it happenening
      on newer botes. Sounds like adding side braces for your seats would
      help. I've seen GIII's with wooden seats and wooden side braces so I
      would think you could add some side braces to your existing seats.
      For info on converting to the plastic seats read Message #3590.


      --- In PortaBote@yahoogroups.com, "Rich Wootten" <rich_wootten@...>
      > I've been monitoring this group for a few months now but this is my
      > first post. Hope to get some advice from more experience PB'rs.
      > I recently purchased a 1993 12' PB and have had it on the water
      > twice. I've regretted buying such and older boat but hope to be
      > to salvage the purchase. I have had several problems and concerns
      > with it. My major concern is general stability.
      > When set up and in the water the boat is often "off-balance" in the
      > water. One side of hull will be slightly flexed in and the other
      > flexed out. This occurrs with just myself (avg size adult) and son
      > (90 lbs) in the boat. When I ask my son to reposition his weight
      > (move toward the flexed in side) the boat corrects very suddenly so
      > that the flex in/out sides are reversed. It usually knocks my son
      > off balance (he was initially enthused but now dislikes the boat).
      > After a couple of flexes back and forth the single seat support
      > underneath usually slips to the side and is no longer supporting
      > seat. Here's how I set up the boat.
      > 1. Bow. No bow cap or troll motor mount installed. I have a
      > mount electric motor and battery.
      > 2. Front seat and middle seat. Secured with a pin on each side.
      > is a lot of space between the wood seats and the edges of metal
      > brackets. I would have expected a tighter fit but don't know.
      > 3. Rear seat. Has two holes on each side. One gets a pin the other
      > gets a bolt/wing nut.
      > 4. Transom. Secured with two wingnuts on each side. Transom hinges
      > are starting to crack/split but I think that is a separate issue.
      > Questions:
      > 1. Is the set up correct?
      > 2. Is that amount of hull flexing normal? It makes moving around in
      > the boat next to impossible. When passengers try to trade seats it
      > is quite the ordeal. My son prefers our friends 8' john boat
      > to him, it feels much more stable.
      > 3. What can I do improve the stability? I notice that newer boats
      > have three seat supports where mine only has the single support.
      > anyone either added seat supports to older models or purchased the
      > newer seats? Do the newer seats fit the 93 model?
      > I apologize for being long-winded. Any help/advice will be greatly
      > appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Rich
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