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Re: Yamaha or Suzuki?

Hi Cheryl, This is my first post, new PB owner, 10' Alpha, in the same situation as you were, trying to decide on a lightweight outboard, what did you decide
Aug 26

Re: transom repair on 1994 PB 12ft

Yes, that's about the only thing that I can find. The piano hinge holes are small, but I can drill them out I guess. Thanks Moose for your help Fref On Aug
Fred Punch
Aug 12

Re: transom repair on 1994 PB 12ft

Hi Fred, I'm not sure where you could get that replacement plastic piece, but if you are considering staying with that same method of securing the transom, I
Aug 12

Re: transom repair on 1994 PB 12ft

Thank you for your email advice. I think I'm looking for a quick fix at the moment. Do you know where I could get a replacement bracket like the other one on
Fred Punch
Aug 12

Re: transom repair on 1994 PB 12ft

Hi Fred, In this situation you might want to convert over to the GIV transom mount method. You will have to look things over and see if it would work and if
Aug 11

transom repair on 1994 PB 12ft

Hi I just recently bought a 1994 12 ft porta bote. the boat has a few problems which I could use help with, and as I`m not a handy guy the help wouldd be
Aug 11

Re: Gen 3 Seat modification

Hi Todd, If your seats are in good shape you might be able to brace the bottom with aluminum tubing or angle stock, but you could have a problem that any
Aug 6

Re: Transom leak when using outboard?

I had a similar experience after having owned by PB for several years...couldn't figure out a leak. I then noticed that the wing nuts/bolt with the rubber
Aug 6

Gen 3 Seat modification

I have a gen 3 12' in pretty good condition.  However I have exceeded the 250lb seat limit and was wondering if anyone knew a modification to allow more
Todd wood
Jul 29

Re: Porta Bote Wheel/Dolly

I am also looking to buy preowned porta dolly. Please pm of contact at mikiselev @... I am in nyc area.
Jul 25

Re: New file uploaded to PortaBote

Hi svplover, Thanks for the review of your experience with the Portabote and also the uploaded PDF file. I personally appreciate the picture of your Cross 46
Jul 23

New file uploaded to PortaBote

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the PortaBote group. File : /Cruiser
Jul 23

Re: Transom leak when using outboard?

Hi, It might be spray from the large outboard. Also, please make sure the motor is set on the 3rd hole from the bottom so it doesn't rub against the rear of
Jul 22

Re: Transom leak when using outboard?

Michael, I noticed that happening to my used portabote when I first got it as well. I first sealed all of the seams running lengthwise with eternabond roofseal
wing chan
Jul 22

Transom leak when using outboard?

Hi, I recently got a 14 ft Porta Bote made in 2012 that was rare used by the previous owner and when I used it as a row boat or while using a trolling motor on
Michael Kim
Jul 22
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