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19853Re: [California PortaBoters] FYI Bote Parts Weights for RV members who may need to know

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  • Bjarne Tennefoss
    Oct 1 10:06 AM
      I have a few comments/questions:
      Are you certain that if you use an equalizing hitch the manufacturer (Trailer or tow vehicle?) doesn't count that?  The equalizing hitch should lower the tongue weight significantly.
      Are you getting your tongue weight from the hitch point on the tongue or on the weight of the tow vehicle?
      If I recall high school and college physics you have a lever  with the fulcrum being the axle of the trailer and therefore adding 100 pounds to the storage compartment of the trailer would put a lower weight on the hitch.  As an example if the length of the trailer axle to the end of the tongue is 12 feet and the storage compartment is 3 feet behind the end of the toungue I think that you would be adding 9/12 (75%) of the weight to the tongue and 3/12 (25%) to the trailer.

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      Subject: [California PortaBoters] FYI Bote Parts Weights for RV members who may need to know
      I have a pretty tight tongue weight allowance on my travel trailer RV.  I carry the bote parts in a storage bin at the very front of the travel trailer RV.  Basically, every pound is weighed so that I stay within the weight limits specified by my Tow Vehicle manufacturer (only 600 pounds for me and unfortunately this mfg. does not count improvement applied by a Weight Distribution Hitch).  With the storage bin empty, my trailer&apos;s tongue weight is 505 pounds so I only have 95 pounds available.  When traveling, I store the hull on the roof carrier and the other Bote parts in the Bin. For that reason I will be changing to an Alpha model&apos;s lighter seats (saves 14 pounds). 
      For anyone interested, I did some weighing and confirmed with Sandy that these are the correct weight comparisons.
      The website only lists hull weight so now I have the full picture.
      • OLDER     Bote 1997 Genesis III 12&apos;6" model - Bote Hull – 75 pounds; Bote Seats – 39 pounds; Bote Transom – 14 pounds = TOTAL for all parts and hull 128 pounds

      • NEWEST Bote 2013 Alpha One 12&apos;6"  model - Bote Hull (includes transom) – 87 pounds;  Bote Seats – 25 pounds = TOTAL for all parts and hull 112 pounds
      This doesn&apos;t include my swivel seats, the oars, porta-dolly and my anchor since I&apos;m now shopping  for lighter weight seats and a lighter anchor.
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