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  • kaye122400
    Sep 29, 2013
      Hi Matt,

      There are hundreds of CRIB sites all over YouTube, etc. Will take a while to delete them all. have deleted over mentions already. If you didn't see the CRIB on the Middle East site Matt, please give me the address of the site where you did see it. We also just discovered it on one of the Canadian sites.

      Thanks for doing some of the work for us, Matt.

      Cheers again,


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      I didn't even see the Middle East website until you mentioned it.

      Cheers again,


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      The CRIB is not on the official Porta-Bote website and never was. Our loyal distributor in Dubai got so excited he put it on his site (www.porta-bote.me  For Middle East)

      For the next couple of years this unique hybrid boat is being marketed only to the military. If you think about it, even on large battle ships, storage space is at a premium. With an ordinary RIB you still have a boat when you're through deflating the tube. With the CRIB, after you're through using it, it folds to about 6 inches flat. A slightly thicker Porta-Bote.

      The inflatable material was specially made for us. It's the same high military quality as the tubing used for white water rafts that sell upwards for US$3,000 - $4,000+.

      We are in the process of removing as many videos as possible that were placed when we thought we were going to market the newly patented CRIB at the retail level.

      That's all I can say at this time.



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      Does anyone on the forum have a Porta Bote C.R.I.B.?
      I have seen them on the website, but never heard of one in the forum.
      What is the advantage of having a C.R.I.B over a normal R.I.B.?


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