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WTB Porsche turbo, 2002-2004 Hi Group: Does anyone have a 996 Turbo for sale? I am looking for a super clean Turbo Coupe, No Cabs, full service history, low milage, but not garage
Apr 15
Re: PCM Codes As long as you keep the proper voltage across the battery's terminals when changing the battery, you will not lose the computer memory settings. On some
Feb 9
Re: PCM Codes if Porsche follows VW's practice.. the cig lighter socket will be 'live' with the key off.
SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )
Feb 8
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Re: PCM Codes Before relying on one of these or similar, check socket is live when ignition key removed. Many vehicles disconnect the socket when key out. On 7 Feb 2014 at
Peter S Kirk
Feb 8
Re: PCM Codes Thanks Scott.  I will get one for next time Rod Sent from Samsung tablet ... From "SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )" Date: 02/07/2014
Feb 8
Re: Friday Humour - Sochi Loo Sign "And who is going to police that anyhow? There are cameras in the bathrooms, Siberia next destination for those peeing standing up
Peter S Kirk
Feb 7
Re: Friday Humour - Sochi Loo Sign What the hell is the one to the right of it? Looks like a guy holding a fish? So maybe "no fishing from toilets" as well as "no flushing fish down toilets"?
Feb 7
Re: PCM Codes Trying to remember where I got mine... either a Tool Truck ....Matco , Snap-on etc. or maybe a FLAPS. well that wasn't hard..the first thing at the top of my
SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )
Feb 7
Re: PCM Codes Thanks Scott.  I wish I had known about this device before I changed the battery. Rod Sent from Samsung tablet ... From Tarek Sharaf
Feb 7
Friday Humour - Sochi Loo Sign Do Russians keep fish in their loos? What is number 6? http://oi61.tinypic.com/2m607ja.jpg Cheers, Peter 15GB + 5GB bonus Free cloud storage, no credit card
Peter S Kirk
Feb 7
Re: PCM Codes Good to know thank you Sent from my iPad
Tarek Sharaf
Feb 7
Re: PCM Codes there is a small device... you plug a typical 9V battery into it, then plug it into cigarette lighter receptical on the dash. it keeps radio codes and perhaps
SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )
Feb 7
Re: PCM Codes Thanks Jerry. I'm still working on it. Rod ... On Thu, 2/6/14, APG Jerry wrote: Subject: Re: [Porsche911] PCM Codes To:
Roderick Bradley
Feb 7
Re: PCM Codes Yes this works. Best Jerry Sent from my iPhone
APG Jerry
Feb 6
Re: PCM Codes Thanks for the input.  A local repair shop has suggested that I put a trickle charger in parallel with the battery for several hours. This may allow me to
Feb 6
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Re: PCM Codes Thanks for the input.  I think I will try what you suggest.  Rood Sent from Samsung tablet ... From eric jaffe Date: 02/03/2014
Feb 3
Re: PCM Codes Did you try going to a dealer and having them enter the VIN? Sent from Yahoo Mail for
eric jaffe
Feb 3
PCM Codes Hello All I own a 2002 911, 996. I recently changed the battery and have to enter the PCM and Navigation codes. Unfortunately after the PCM code is entered it
Roderick Bradley
Jan 31
Re: Boxster Starter Noise "Lube" fwiw..I've worked on literally , tens of thousands of cars and I don't like a lift at all .. sure you can see nicely .. but working with your arms and hands
SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )
Jan 11
Boxster Starter Noise "Lube" My Boxster starter has intermitted noise, not grinding. Sounds like lack of Lube. Someone told be I could service the starter with some dry lube. Anyone have
Jan 10
Re: (no subject) Thanks for the welcome & info. The car stated to backfire & was down on compression in 1 cyl. I put it in my garage  20 years ago & started gathering parts
Bernie Rapaport
Jan 10
Re: (no subject) Good Luck, other good sites are http://forums.pelicanparts.com/ Porsche Forums and Early 911S Registry Bulletin Board! http://www.early911sregistry.org Not
Clarence Casper
Jan 10
Re: (unknown) I took care of one of those ..or very close to it, for a number of years. the one I worked on was a 911E with mechancial fuel injection and 4 speed semi-auto
SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )
Jan 10
Re: (unknown) Hello if you need used excellent condition part try Porsche Los Angeles Dismantler http://www.ladismantler.com/ very nice people and they know a lot on
Tarek Sharaf
Jan 9
Re: (unknown) I drive a 1970T. What can I help you with? tom
Tom Patton
Jan 9
Re: (unknown) Hi Bernie, Welcome aboard. That is a long lay-up. I would suggest joining porsche964@yahoogroups.com too as there are many non 964 owners there too. Peter MY90
Peter S Kirk
Jan 9
(no subject) Hi,   I live in the L.A. area. I have a 1970 911 T It's been sitting in my garage for 20 years. I am starting to work on it. Thought I might get some info
Bernie Rapaport
Jan 9
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Why i want to join I recently bought a 997 gen2 pdk my first proper porsche having had a couple of boxsters several years ago. I enjoy sharing what we learn about these great
Dec 17, 2013
The chip detector is after the fact. There are several kits out there that retrofit the IMS bearing before it happens. The cost is about $1500 for the kit,
Oct 16, 2013
(no subject) Hello All, Does anyone have any information on "Guardian" chip detectors?  Apparently they sell two versions of a device that can be installed in the car that
Oct 15, 2013
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