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Autoinsider Live 2015 - Free Hosted at interesting venues See: http://andrewpage.com/content/39/autoinsider_live!/dates_and_venues AP purchased many Unipart branches, but none not in

Peter S Kirk
Feb 3

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Happy New Year 2015 Happy New Year May 2015 be a year that all your wishes come true. God bless, Peter

Peter S Kirk
Dec 31, 2014

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Porsche I love 356's and 911's. Had the latter, want the former!  Greg Long, Kirkland, WA My new novel: FOUND The Lives of Interesting Cars & How They Were

Greg Long
Dec 18, 2014

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Friday Humour http://oi62.tinypic.com/sxlz48.jpg

Peter S Kirk
Nov 21, 2014

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Weekend Humour: The spider inside your door mirror writes Hi there! As you might have noticed, over the weekend someone - mentioning no names! - managed to knock down the web I´d built between the door and the door

The Spider
Oct 4, 2014

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Re: Prospective Porsche 911 Group Member Hello Jack Welcome to the group. I also have an 02, 4s in seal grey, my first porsche. The only issue that I have had was of my own doing.  I changed the

Aug 18, 2014

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Re: Prospective Porsche 911 Group Member Hi Jack, Welcome to the group. That's a nice selection of cars you've owned over the years. Good choice going for a C4 Porsche. Cheers, Peter On 18 Aug 2014 at

Peter S Kirk
Aug 18, 2014

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Prospective Porsche 911 Group Member My name is Jack Peters. I have a Seal Grey 2002 Carrera 4S that I've owned for 5 years. Although this is my first Porsche, it is not my first sports car as

Jack Peters
Aug 18, 2014

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Re: 2001 911 Carrera4 grey top restoration Look for a product called 303 UV Protectant. It will restore color and protect from UV when used every month or two. It is not a dye.

May 1, 2014

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2001 911 Carrera4 grey top restoration My 2001 Carrera 4 looks beautiful except the convertible top has faded from it living in Phoenix. Any suggestions on how to make it look like new. I have seen

Apr 30, 2014

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WTB Porsche turbo, 2002-2004 Hi Group: Does anyone have a 996 Turbo for sale? I am looking for a super clean Turbo Coupe, No Cabs, full service history, low milage, but not garage

Apr 15, 2014

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Re: PCM Codes As long as you keep the proper voltage across the battery's terminals when changing the battery, you will not lose the computer memory settings. On some

Feb 9, 2014

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Re: PCM Codes if Porsche follows VW's practice.. the cig lighter socket will be 'live' with the key off.

SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )
Feb 8, 2014

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Re: PCM Codes Before relying on one of these or similar, check socket is live when ignition key removed. Many vehicles disconnect the socket when key out. On 7 Feb 2014 at

Peter S Kirk
Feb 8, 2014

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Re: PCM Codes Thanks Scott.  I will get one for next time Rod Sent from Samsung tablet ... From "SDF ( Scott Daniel Foss )" Date: 02/07/2014

Feb 8, 2014
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