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Homeschooling -- A Catholic Homeschool Treasury

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    Title: A Catholic Homeschool Treasury: Nurturing Children s Love for Learning Author: Rachel Mackson, Maureen Wittmann, eds. Publisher: Ignatius Press
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      Title: A Catholic Homeschool Treasury: Nurturing Children's Love for
      Author: Rachel Mackson, Maureen Wittmann, eds.
      Publisher: Ignatius Press
      Date Published: March 1999
      ISBN: 0898707250
      Comments: Chicken Soup for the Homeschool Soul! Compendium of real life
      stories written by real life homeschoolers.

      From amazon.com:
      Good introduction to Catholic homeschooling, August 8, 2003

      My wife and I both read this book and found it to be a helpful introduction
      to Catholic homeschooling issues. We needed our basic questions answered such
      as: "Where do we start", "what are the benefits", and "can we do it".
      The answers are not always as detailed as we would have liked, but we can
      find those later. Simply put, this book accomplishes what it sets out to do very

      Have your highlighter ready, March 27, 2000

      I made sure to have my yellow highlighter handy when I read this book. There
      are all kinds of terrific suggestions for the everyday homeschooler. I like
      the easy-to-read format. It is almost like a reader - a collection of essays
      written by many different authors. As a busy homeschool mom, I liked that I could
      read it in bits and pieces during my free moments and still get so much out
      of it. The resource section is truly Catholic. I appreciated that I did not
      have to be on guard for anti-Catholic publishers or Protestant resources. My
      sister, who sends her children to public school, bought A Catholic Homeschool
      Treasury to supplement her children's religious education. I also liked the
      positive tone of the book. It presents all of the wonderful reasons for
      homeschooling without bashing public or parochial schools. Because of this, I was able to
      share it with my pastor and parents who were not exactly supportive of
      homeschooling. This book helped them understand the benefits of homeschooling,
      without putting them on the defensive. If I had to find fault with the book, it
      would be that there are not enough practical suggestions for teaching high school.
      I heard that the authors are writing a sequel that focuses more on teaching
      the upper grades. All and all, I highly recommend this book for all Catholic
      parents, homeschoolers or not.

      It's a great read!, March 26, 1999
      Reviewer: A reader
      I lent this book to a non-Catholic neighbor of mine and she is extremely
      serious about homeschooling now, thanks to this book (and she is only half way
      through). I think that it is by far the best Catholic homeschooling book out
      there, if for no other reason than the fact that it is a collection of so many
      people and gives the reader a taste of everything.

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