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Young Adult -- Ask the Bible Geek

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    Advertisement at my library this weekend: Teen Night Learn the Art of Palmistry Pizza and Fun Served It is so important to get good books into the teen
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      Advertisement at my library this weekend:
      Teen Night
      Learn the Art of Palmistry
      Pizza and Fun Served

      It is so important to get good books into the teen sections of our public
      libraries. It is vital.

      Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is,
      put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
      away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

      Title: Ask the Bible Geek: Answers to Questions from Catholic Teens
      Author: Mark Hart
      Publisher: Charis Books
      Date Published: March 2003
      ISBN: 1569553440
      Price: 17.80 Library Binding, 8.99 Paperback
      Comments: www.lifeteen.org

      From amazon.com
      Editorial Reviews

      From the Publisher
      Gifted youth leader Mark Hart knows teens inside and out, and as the Bible
      Geek®, he asks and answers the real questions that puzzle them. Dealing
      realistically and honestly with concerns about God, temptations, personal issues,
      daily life and more, the Bible Geek® speaks encouragement to the minds and hearts
      of kids. His solutions to typical situations teens wonder about, are rooted in
      Scripture and the Catholic tradition.

      About the Author
      Mark Hart was a teen in his local LIFE TEEN Program, before leaving home to
      attend the University of Notre Dame. A few years ago, Mark began working for
      the LIFE TEEN Program, running LIFE Communications, writing, producing videos,
      and speaking for LIFE TEEN International. In addition, he is the "Bible Geek"
      on the Life Teen web site. Mark resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

      Customer Reviews
      Avg. Customer Review:

      Move over St. Paul!, June 12, 2003

      The Bible Geek is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a comic, a big brother, an
      evangelist, and a sinner, which makes his biblical reflections inspiring and
      transformational for teens seeking Christ amid the culture of death. Hart
      incorporates every aspect of teens' lives and his own experiences of living as a
      disciple into his writing and reflections on Scripture - truth and sincerity radiate
      each passage. His command of youth culture and ability to break open the Word
      of God lend to this book's incredible ingenuity and wit. To date, I have not
      come across a more usable Scripture reflection for teens. Regardless of
      religious affiliation, teens everywhere can relate to his perspective on modern-day
      discipleship. The Bible Geek is out to dispel a nasty rumor that Catholics
      don't know or understand the Scriptures!

      keep 'em comin'!, May 22, 2003
      I've given this book to a handful of teens already and now I'm back on line
      to buy more copies to give away. That pretty much says it all. Finally, its the
      answers to the questions they've felt too dumb to ask and more questions they
      didn't even know how to ask. It's an awesome book - they love it. Heck, I
      love it - and I'm 25!

      Each Verse!, May 3, 2003

      'Along the way He calls upon us to use the gifts He's bestowed on us for HIS
      glory, not for our own' (pg. 125). Mark Hart has clearly used the gifts God
      has bestowed on him by being able to pick apart a single verse from the Bible
      and transform it into something that fits each person that reads it! Many of us
      read the Bible all the time but never challenge ourselves enough to go deeper
      and read EACH passage carefully. Mark Hart, writing from his heart and
      experiences, makes the Bible fun to read and also applicable to our modern times. His
      humor, the personal touch he includes, and his deep faith in the church make
      this book a great resource for people of all ages. Mark makes reading the
      Bible memorable; I guarantee that the analogies he makes will stick in your mind
      the next time you read or hear the passage.

      A Must Read for Every Teen!, May 2, 2003

      In his book, �Ask the Bible Geek�, Mark Hart gives clear answers to
      difficult questions, with an amazingly attractive flare. By the questions he seeks
      to answer, you can tell that Mark knows teens; by the way he answers those
      questions, you can tell he can speak to them in their language; and by the faith
      he gives in those answers, you can tell he loves Christ and the Church. His
      layout of the questions and answers is simple, allowing the reader to get right
      to the heart of the matter. Mark�s ability to answer the questions clearly,
      based in Scripture, allows the reader to come away with some real clarity, not
      confusion and fluff. There are many ways this book can be used: It can be a
      great gift for teens getting Confirmed; it can be a great resource for a teen
      to use if he/she is questioning the meaning of life; it can provide a youth
      minister over a year�s worth of Bible Studies and discussion material. Every
      teenager, whether they are Catholic, non-Catholic, or non-Christian, should get
      a copy of this book: It will allow them to see a different side of the world
      than what our pop-culture gives. It will allow them to know the Truth!

      "Death cannot stop true love", April 24, 2003
      Mark has this incredible gift. Not just with words, but his actions. He is so
      passionate about Jesus, being Catholic and his faith. He has this light about
      him that you can't help but see. He has a way of getting anyone to think. In
      this book he really digs deep and connects the scriptures to everyday
      occurances. It's great to see that what started as being a bi-weekly email (and still
      is) has had such a huge success. He brings the truth in a humorous, yet
      completely understandable way. I highly recommend it to anyone.

      Biblegeek, indeed!, April 23, 2003
      This book is an excellent source for encouragement, honest answers and
      inspiration for any and all Catholics and Christians alike. It provides touching
      testimony, brutal truth and the divine message of Christ's love in each passage.
      Mark Hard does an excellent job once again by relaying God's message in a
      tangible language friendly and profound enough to capture all audiences but
      especially teens. I highly reccommend this book to any and all teens or college
      students eager to read and take in God's word from a inspiring and Godly man.

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