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Adult -- Inside the Passion

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  • mwittlans@aol.com
    I went to my library s catalog and was surprised that they don t have this book. It wasn t even available for interlibrary loan. This is a must-have, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2005
      I went to my library's catalog and was surprised that they don't have this
      book. It wasn't even available for interlibrary loan. This is a must-have, I
      think, since they have loads of copies of the movie.

      Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is,
      put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right
      away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

      Title: Inside the Passion: An Insider's Look at the Passion of the Christ
      Author: John Bartunek, foreword by Mel Gibson
      Publisher: Ascension Press, USA
      Date Published: February 2005
      ISBN: 1932645772
      Price: Hardcover $19.95
      Comments: An insider's look into the making of the blockbuster The
      Passion of the Christ.

      Editorial Reviews

      About the Author
      From the Foreword by Mel Gibson:
      "As a man of faith and a scholar, Fr. John carefully examines a number of
      issues that simmer just beneath the surface of the film—vital issues like
      forgiveness, love, freedom, the role of Mary, salvation, and the meaning of
      suffering, human and divine. The time he spent with myself and others involved in the
      production gives him a unique and, I think, interesting perspective."

      Product Description:
      Deepen your journey into the unforgettable film, The Passion of The Christ.
      In this authorized, behind-the-scenes look at the movie, Fr. John Bartunek,
      L.C., provides biblical, historical, and theological insights gleaned from hours
      spent on the set and interviews with the director, actors, and filmmaking
      crew. Inside the Passion is the most complete and thorough commentary on the movie
      you will read.

      from amazon.com:
      Customer Review

      A Deeper Understanding..., February 28, 2005
      Reviewer:Catholic Mom
      This is an amazing book! The author truly sheds light on so many questions I
      had about the movie, but more importantly about the Passion of Christ! From
      artistic choices made by Mel Gibson, to the theological decisions that went
      behind almost every scene, this book takes you deeper into the story than you
      could have ever imagined. I would recommend it to anyone who desires a closer
      relationship with Christ, as well as those who wish to know what the director was
      thinking during the making of the film.

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