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What Circulates?

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  • mwittlans@aol.com
    Dear List Members, Fellow list member Richard emailed me recently regarding Surprised By Canon ... documents do not circulate well at libraries. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2005
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      Dear List Members,

      Fellow list member Richard emailed me recently regarding Surprised By Canon

      >>It has been my observation that books on theology, ethics, and church
      documents do not >>circulate well at libraries. This strikes me as a good book for
      church libraries. But >>perhaps I am wrong, does anyone know how well this
      book does?

      I would love to hear any feedback from the rest of you regarding your
      experience in this area. If you have the opportunity, ask your librarian for his or
      her input. I believe this to be an important topic for us to explore here, as
      librarians are more likely to purchase books that are going to be checked out
      often. And if part of our goal is evangelization, then we need to focus on
      books that will be pulled off the shelf by the everyday library patron as well as
      the committed Catholic.

      The reason that I chose to feature Surprised By Canon Law was because it is
      in an easy-to-read format -- a question and answer book. It is a simple
      introduction to a complicated subject, and not a long discourse or scholarly work.
      My gut feeling is that that kind of book would do well in a public library.
      Fortunately for me, my library agreed and has already put in a purchase order
      for Surprised By Canon Law. And, as Rich stated, it would also be good for your
      church library, so consider recommending it or donating it to your church
      should it have a lending library.

      I always welcome feedback from list members. If you have observations about
      what circulates well at your library, thoughts about the direction of this
      list, books to suggest, success stories, etc., please feel free to email me

      Maureen :)

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